Buying another replacement heavy interdictor

6th September 2010 – 5.17 pm

I need a replacement Onyx. My heavy interdictor has just been blown up by some battleships and strategic cruisers. As luck would have it, there is an available exit to high-sec empire space that I can use. The route to the exit wormhole passes through the system where we tried to set-up the ambush, but that couldn't possibly cause problems. I board a shuttle at our tower, call it PLEX Courier, and head out to high-sec.

The trip through w-space is uneventful but jumping through to high-sec reveals a Legion strategic cruiser loitering on the wormhole. I make sure I have the entrance back to w-space bookmarked before warping away, where I sit outside a station for a few minutes pondering my options. An Onyx would have no chance avoiding a properly fitted PvP ship, so bringing one back with the Legion waiting would be reckless. I turn around and head homewards, confident that the agile shuttle can align and warp without being caught.

The Legion has gone. It is not on the wormhole any more, neither on the side of empire space or w-space. I grumble a bit about the uncertainty of its location and head back to high-sec to travel to Dodixie for a new Onyx. I hope the market is sufficiently well-stocked. A colleague also comes out to replace the Dominix battleship he threw at the strategic cruisers in vain. We buy our new ships and modules as we make the journey across high-sec, through stargates patrolled by Concord, which lets us assemble and fit the ship quickly when we reach our destination.

So far so good, but I'm uncertain whether we'll be able to make it home again. I pilot my Onyx back to one system before the wormhole leading in to w-space and wait for my colleague. We don't know if the Legion is back and lurking on the wormhole or not. But we have friends on the inside, one of which scans the class 2 w-space system we are soon to enter. He sees the Tech III fleet is in the system but nowhere near the wormhole. As the Dominix catches up with my Onyx we decide to make a break for it.

We jump through the stargate and warp as one to the wormhole, entering w-space as we drop out of warp. No ships are on the other side of the wormhole and we warp to the next connection, out of this system and closer to home. I spy a Vagabond heavy assault ship on the directional scanner and am concerned that we are flying in to a new ambush, but the HAC is one of our own, protecting the wormhole we are flying towards. We join the Vagabond as does our scout in his Falcon recon ship and we exit the system as a fleet.

No more ships are seen on the two jumps home and we all get back to our tower safely. I never thought buying a new ship would be quite so tense.

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