Mass-representative battleship

11th September 2010 – 5.33 pm

All the wormholes are nearly dead, but we only need to kill one of them. Collapsing our static wormhole ahead of time will isolate us from the scanned w-space constellation and offer a new one to explore. I grab one of the Raven battleships available to add its mass to the operation.

I refit the ship to add a micro-warp drive, which adds even more mass to a ship when activated, and I see why our earlier engagement with the Tengu and Nighthawk ended so quickly. This Raven is configured horribly for anything but operations supported by Guardian logistics ships, sporting a buffer armour tank where I would expect an active shield tank. It is little wonder the two targets blasted through the shields so quickly and why our fleet couldn't recover for the second assault.

The configuration of the Raven is not a failure as much as an indication that the corporation really needs better support for different fittings for specific situations. We shouldn't expect capsuleers to pilot sub-optimal ships in to combat, whether the targets are Sleepers or other capsuleers.

Regardless of the Raven's fit, its mass is suitable to help the corporation collapse our static wormhole smoothly. A few scouts head out to scan the new w-space constellation but, despite finding a K162 to a class 3 system with piloted ships inside a tower, there is no activity to report. The exploration ends with an exit to low-sec empire space, at which point I take my leave to get some rest for the evening.

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