Two new assault ships

16th September 2010 – 5.41 pm

I'm going shopping again. Only two intermediate w-space systems lie between me and high-sec space and I am still looking to increase my options in PvP combat. I have done a little bit of research to configure a couple of ships and I am finally going to take the plunge and buy myself both an assault ship and heavy assault ship. I doubt the fits I am considering are optimal but they are a good start. The main hurdle is getting the ship to our tower in w-space, after which I can worry about tweaking the configurations.

I load my Crane transport ship with as many modules as are available for my proposed new ships and start the short journey to market. As much as I have no problem buying my own modules and spares I am aware of the cruft accruing in the hangar, and taking what I can with me lets me make use of what we have, as well as find out what holes exist in our inventory that are masked by a thousand other items. I don't need to buy the plentiful items unnecessarily and can return in the Crane with some oft-used items that are depleted from our stocks.

Making my journey this way in the Crane means I can also dump the modules for the heavy assault ship in the station for a second trip whilst having room to bring back my first new ship, the Vengeance assault ship. The Vengeance is based on a frigate hull and fits in to the Crane's hold, letting me bring it, its fittings, and some spare modules home to the tower. Back in w-space I eject the Vengeance in to space where it magically assembles itself, after which I board it and install the required fittings. I give my new assault ship the inspired name of Vengeance and take it for a quick spin.

I can't indulge myself in the Vengeance for too long as the wormhole leading out to high-sec empire space is reaching the end of its natural lifetime. I'd better go back and get my second ship. It helps that the wormhole leads out to a minor market hub, only a couple of items sending me three hops further afield, the lack of travel time making me confident about finding the wormhole still present on my return. The repeat journey is made in my bare pod, the intermediate systems being quiet, and I dock in the same station as before. My second ship is sitting unassembled in the hangar, the modules from my first visit waiting to be fitted. Assembling my new Sacrilege heavy assault ship reminds me why I was hesitant to buy one on previous opportunities.

The Sacrilege is really ugly. I couldn't bring myself to buy one before when I saw its model and it must only be because I have been thinking of a different hull that let me buy one today. But I wanted a heavy assault ship to add to my flexibility in PvP engagements and now I have one. At least I won't feel too bad if it gets blown up. I name my new monstrosity Beaker and head home to w-space again, the exit wormhole not quite collapsed yet.

I don't think the new ships are the best options available on the market, but they are probably the best current options for my missile-heavy skills. Today's shopping trip may have expanded my personal hangar but the real benefit is in showing me that I really ought to train in gunnery skills in order to open up a wider range of piloting possibilities. I have more training to complete to get in to my next over-priced and under-utilised ship of fancy, after which I will focus my training to learn how to use guns, and lots of them.

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