Incidental earnings

20th September 2010 – 5.17 pm

I'm rich! And alone. Well, richer I suppose, but not aloner. Two hundred and fourty five of my collected datacores sold to a single customer overnight for a tidy hundred million iskies, but there are no corporation colleagues around in w-space. I go out exploring whilst occasionally checking my wallet to see if I've merely imagined the windfall.

The hundred million ISK remains in my wallet as I jump through the scanned static connection to our neighbouring class 4 system, that single transaction indicating more activity than the directional scanner reveals here. I can see two towers, one off-line, and an Onyx heavy interdictor, but the ship is unpiloted and inside a tower's shields. And not only is there no other activity in the system but the towers are blue, belonging to an alliance we are strangely still friendly towards.

I understand our arrangement with the alliance is not to run sites in their occupied systems without permission, with the favour reciprocated, making this system somewhat out-of-bounds. I can still scan, though, and with only three signatures in the system not being able to pillage here is hardly the missed opportunity it could have been. A second tower is visible in the inner system and a piloted Anathema covert operations boat sits inside its shields. I don't say hello, nor do I uncloak, as I don't want to trust members of an alliance that have consistently shot me on sight, instead jumping through a wormhole to the next system.

This class 4 system is unoccupied and quiet and could provide opportunity for profit, if colleagues are comfortable flying through the intermediate system. Not wanting to presume anything I scan deeper, ignoring some gas and rocks and finding a wormhole as the last signature of the few here. Having the signature EEK sounds ominous but it only leads to a class 3 system. Mind you, the last C3 I entered held two carriers. Nothing quite as powerful greets me in this one, only a couple of warp bubbles and some mining drones visible on d-scan. There is no activity to accompany the drones, though.

The C3 is stuffed full of anomalies and signatures and I start to whittle them down. I first find an outbound wormhole to another class 3 system but as it is reaching the end of its natural lifetime I leave it alone. I resolve a second wormhole, also an outbound EOL C3, its reference of N968 making it look unlike a static connection. I check intelligence on the system which suggests the static I am looking for leads to low-sec empire space.

A lack of further w-space exploration combined with three client crashes, each one reseting my list of ignored signatures, convinces me to give up scanning and head home to our tower for now. To cheer me up my wallet blinks again, all four hundred and nine mechanical engineering datacores having just sold. Along with last night's sale the datacores have made me an easy quarter-of-a-billion ISK. This is encouragement enough to repeat my datacore run at some point in the future.

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