Passive scanning

11th November 2010 – 5.14 pm

Scanning is complete, and I haven't lifted a finger. We have a simple constellation today, heading through our neighbouring class 5 w-space system in to a C1, then exiting to low-sec empire space. A wormhole opens up from low-sec in to the C5 too, which is all our scouts have found. There is little point in scanning further and the longer life of our static wormhole will keep the constellation alive late in to the next morning.

Despite the thorough scanning and presence of a few pilots there is surprisingly little happening. From what I can discern, some pilots are moving between w-space and empire systems, although I don't know what they're doing. I have a private twinge of uneasiness when one capsuleer says they have no way home, one bookmark not having been copied to our shared can, not having taken a moment to confirm the bookmarks were correct on his way out. Newbies need to be taught, though, and we've all made these mistakes.

But pilots are scattered here and there, with no real focus. The idea of engaging Sleepers doesn't seem possible with colleagues everywhere but the home system, particularly in the C5 where we need more pilots with better skills than in our previous class 4 w-space home. Maybe if everyone available stopped what they were doing and came back we could get an adequate fleet, but I don't feel like herding cats right now.

And even though I am encouraged to go hunting in low-sec empire space I cannot work up the enthusiasm. I don't know what ship to take and feel like dead weight more than a solid roaming partner. I know nothing will come to me if I do nothing but wait, that I must seek adventure, but tonight it seems like there is no adventure to be found. I sit gloomily in my ship looking out at the admittedly beautiful sight of our chosen planet casting a shadow on its rings, until I can stare in to the void no more.

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  2. I'm also in a similar situation like you.

    My corp has just moved into C2 Worm-hole, and we are low on fighters (PvP players). Bigger portion of us are miners xD

    All is new to us... I'm paranoid and constantly hitting the scanner button :)

    By p3k1 on Nov 11, 2010

  3. Pilots certainly need to be careful out in w-space, miners especially. And even if you're not fighters yet, you may find new depths to your skills.

    Hey, maybe I'll bump in to you at some point. I'll take care to scoop your corpses home, don't worry. All the best for your new w-space home!

    By pjharvey on Nov 11, 2010

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