Simple exploration

12th November 2010 – 5.22 pm

I spur myself in to action, grabbing bookmarks from the can and going out to explore. I may not have any actual scanning to do, as the bookmarked w-space constellation appears to end in empire space, but I can at least scout the systems with my own sensors. Our static wormhole is healthy and passing through it to our neighbouring class 5 system marks my first jump in six days, according to my notes. I am hoping to regain my spark for action.

There are bookmarks for the system's static connection and a K162 wormhole here, although the two towers I can see on my directional scanner have not been recorded for reference. I find the towers but no activity, sending me to one of the wormholes. I head to the K162 first, if only because the bookmark gives no indication as to the class of system beyond, which a visual check will clarify for me. I drop out of warp at the edge of a large warp bubble, positioned right on top of a wormhole coloured with the orange and black of a C5 on the other side, giving me thirty-five kilometres to fly before I can jump. I consider destroying this bubble but its two hundred thousand hit points deter me from doing it alone.

I warp instead to the system's static wormhole, the connection to a C3 unfettered by warp disruption effects. I jump through to find three more towers and another absence of ships, along with a bookmarked exit to high-sec empire space. Checking the exit shows it to be stable, but I have no business in empire space at the moment. All that's left to do is explore the system beyond the bubbled K162, and I jump back to the previous system to do so.

I pass cloaked through the bubble to the wormhole, a little trepidatious about what I will find on the other side. My biggest fear is that an interceptor waits for me, because jumping back in to this system will make me almost a sitting duck. But I jump in to the C5. I am greeted by a vast area of nothing. Indeed, I find only an off-line tower and its defences in the system. Maybe there is a K162 wormhole in this system to find, but as the static wormhole entered its end-of-life stage as I passed through it I have no incentive to look for any other connections. I jump back, navigate the bubble with no problems, and, with nothing else to do, go home to take a break.

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