Calling on a camping carrier

19th November 2010 – 5.43 pm

I'm going back to w-space, but only roaming in my stealth bomber through the local wormholes I've found. The class 3 w-space system is my first destination, earlier not looking to be too threatening, but as I drop out of warp the wormhole flares, signalling passage of a ship. I keep my w-space habits, warping cloaked to the wormhole and dropping short to reconnoitre the connection first, so I hold my position to see what ship appears in this high-sec system. It's a Tengu strategic cruiser, Korean-made if the name is to be judged, but it doesn't warp away. I watch it for a short while but it doesn't move, so instead I do, warping to the K162s from class 2 w-space systems also present.

The wormhole that was reaching the end of its natural lifetime has died since I found it earlier, leaving me one more wormhole to check. The other C2 K162 is present and stable, and I jump in. There is no activity from the occupants, nor is there any sign of capsuleer life in the connecting class 4 system, or in the C3 one jump further. All is quiet, so I head back to empire space and warp again to the wormhole that had the Tengu on it. It's still there, although he moves a little when the wormhole flares a second time. A Maelstrom battleship appears from w-space, although I can't say what his intentions are.

The Maelstrom moves back towards the wormhole and the Tengu finally warps off. Maybe the battleship came out to shoo the strategic cruiser away, and successfully. The wormhole is now clear on this high-sec side, and I note that the Tengu pilot has left the system. I wait a few minutes then jump in to the C3 myself to see what's happening. Oh, hello Mr Chimera. The carrier has its fighters out and almost makes me miss the Dominix and Navy Issue Scorpion battleships also sitting on the wormhole. It looks like the locals have woken up, but I am perhaps a little underpowered in my stealth bomber to engage these ships. I merely wait for the session change timer to expire and jump back out to high-sec, leaving the ships with only a brief glimpse of my brilliance.

I decide to go out scanning again, checking systems adjacent to our impromptu base. One hop away finds only a single anomaly in the whole system, whereas a nearby low-sec system in the other direction holds a wormhole, this one another K162 from a class 3 w-space system. I jump in to find a tower but no pilots, and I launch probes to scan. It looks like this C3 has been used as a bridging system, as I resolve a wormhole along with the static link I entered through, but the lava red pustule of a connection to class 6 w-space is not terribly welcoming. But this C6 may also simply be a bridging system for other capsuleers, and I jump in to find out.

There is a tower in the class 6 system too, again with some ships but no pilots. And scanning reveals only a ladar, gravimetric, and radar site; no more wormholes. I head back to high-sec space again, looking for wormholes in one more system but finding none. With a little time to spare I end the night piloting my Damnation command ship in to a radar site I resolved in high-sec, hoping to get some treasures after the disappointing magnetometric site of earlier. There are no rats, and hacking the cans doesn't alert any to attack me either, and although two cans are empty one holds a decryptor that I snatch. It's worth a few million ISK on the market, which isn't bad for a high-sec exploration site, and I stuff it in to a container in a station as I dock for the night.

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  2. Curious question as i just had the though reading your post with the ships sitting on the WH. I've always seem to have some problems after jumping through a WH and sometime the WH is so huge its hard to really tell which direction is which being surrounded by the WH. And if i try to move to X direction i'm not actually moving closer back to the WH than away from it. Thats seem to be a worrying issue every time i jump through one and part of the disorientation i usually have after a jump through.

    What i'm wondering if having Tactical Overlay screen up when at the WH if that offers any advantage being able to assess a proper direction of movement away from the WH after a jump through without having to resort to warping to a celestial randomly to move away from the WH without constantly getting the interference effect?

    By Ardent Defender on Nov 24, 2010

  3. Adding the tactical overlay will help, definitely. But if the wormhole is encompassing your whole view you could zoom out to see a bigger picture. I generally find it easier to orientate myself when my view is zoomed out anyway.

    Also, use the tools available to help with moving away or towards a wormhole. If you select the wormhole on your overview you can click 'keep at distance', which will move your ship directly away from the wormhole and is the most efficient method of putting distance between you and it. You can also click 'approach' to make sure you're close enough if you need to jump back in a hurry.

    By pjharvey on Nov 24, 2010

  4. Thanks, hey thats really helpful suggestion and i'm not sure why that just never occurred to me. But it makes allot of sense. Will try to remember that or rather try it next time i'm in the rabbit hole.

    By Ardent Defender on Nov 24, 2010

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