Flying in circles through wormholes

22nd November 2010 – 5.36 pm

A host of wormhole connections has already been found in our base system, leader Fin being productive as much as glorious. Sadly, the connections don't lead deeper than class 2 w-space and end up returning to null-sec space. We're not having much luck at getting to a class 4 system yet, mostly getting pushed around the less dangerous systems of wormhole space, but it will happen. I take my Buzzard covert operations boat out of dock to continue the search, heading in to an adjacent system to cover new space for today.

I resolve a magnetometric site and a wormhole in the neighbouring high-sec system, the wormhole an outbound connection to class 1 w-space of the type I found yesterday. I jump through the wormhole to take a look around. The system is occupied, a tower appearing on my directional scanner along with a Nidhoggur carrier. Why anyone would want or need a carrier in a class 1 system is beyond me, but there it is, sitting inside the shields of the tower along with a bunch of other ships. There are no pilots around, though, and I start scanning the system. I only find one wormhole, the system's static connection leading out to low-sec empire space, and head back to high-sec to try a different system as a starting point.

My second scan of high-sec space for the night rewards me with an outbound connection to a class 3 system. A second wormhole in the same system comes from a C2, which is also good, as it should have a second static wormhole connecting further in to w-space. Either system offers opportunity, and I pick the C3 first hoping it will lead to more dangerous space. And it kind of does, as I consider low-sec empire space rather more dangerous than a class 4 w-space system, but again I run out of w-space surprisingly quickly. I generally seemed to have much more trouble than this finding empire space when I was looking for an exit from w-space.

I go back to high-sec and jump through the K162 in to the class 2 system. D-scan shows me four towers, along with another Nidhoggur and an Archon carrier. Maybe capsuleers are simply attracted to big ships, but they are certainly restricting their options by building carriers in systems they can't be moved from. I don't go looking for the towers, as it will be time-consuming and relatively unimportant at the moment, instead concentrating on scanning for wormholes. And I find one, hardly hidden in a system kept clear except for one anomaly and the two static wormholes, leading to a class 3 system. I find another tower—this one too high-class to have a carrier floating nearby—and a likely-looking signature turns out to be a wormhole, but only a K162 coming from null-sec space.

A bit more scanning resolves a second K162, from a C2, and the static connection heading back out to low-sec empire space. I make a quick check of the class 2 system, although a check I assume is futile, as I am passing backwards through its static connection to w-space and will probably only find the second static leading to k-space. Which I do, the empire connection heading to high-sec space. There is no more w-space to explore in my current set of connections and I return the way I came back to the base system in empire space, dock my Buzzard, and get some rest, ready to try again tomorrow.

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