23rd November 2010 – 7.22 pm

Our search for a class 4 w-space system may not be progressing well, today's search ending in an ambush gone awry, but our corporation colleagues in the C5 have made an excellent find. A scout has scanned the w-space constellation and happened upon an off-line tower, one with a corporate hangar and ship maintenance arrays, along with some juicy looking ships floating around. Rather than scan further, opening wormholes to potentially active systems, colleagues from the class 5 home system are called to help steal ships, shoot arrays and defences, and loot what they can.

An Orca industrial command ship is hijacked and filled with modules and other bounty from the broken hangars, piloted back to the home C5 as our own. A Widow black ops ship is a rather fabulous find too, now that I can pilot one. Instead of being an expensive piñata, whacking it in the hopes of the decent fittings surviving the explosion, I can plonk my pod in to the ship and recover it whole, once I get in. Further scanning is currently halted, I have no way to get to the C5 home system, and those that are plundering the C4 are now distracted by a piloted Rorqual that has turned up.

The pilot of the capital industrial ship has no doubt turned up to see what the fuss is about concerning his tower, and is also no doubt rather concerned to see hostile pilots ransacking it. But, for the moment, he wants to get clear of all my colleagues shooting him, which he only manages to do by logging off. Not quite enough firepower can be brought in to the class 4 system before the Rorqual disappears, denying another trophy of the scout's find. But with the Rorqual gone, and all ships recovered that can be piloted, the scout returns to looking for an exit to empire space, and hopefully one I can use to get in for the Widow.

A wormhole is found connecting to a class 3 system, and from there an exit to low-sec empire space is resolved. The exit system is only one hop from high-sec, is a dead-end low-sec system anyway, and is only twelve jumps away, in the same region as I am currently based. Today really is our lucky day. The corporation steals a few billion ISK worth of assets, I am able to get in to help steal a Widow, and by doing so I find myself in a class 4 w-space system with a static connection to a C3. This is just what we've been looking for the past week.

I take my Buzzard covert operations boat out to the high-sec system adjacent to the dead-end low-sec system holding the wormhole, dock, and eject my pod. I leave the station and warp to the stargate, jumping through to be escorted to the wormhole and in to w-space. I am careful to bookmark the wormholes, as my guide warps from one to the next, and soon find myself in the C4, a couple of colleagues sitting next to the Widow as a reference for me to warp directly to it.

It is a simple matter to board the empty and untargeted ship, and my months of training seem suitably rewarded now. The Widow is fully fitted and armed to the teeth, although I will need more skill training before I can fire the Tech II cruise launchers. The Dread Guristas cloaking device and Caldari Navy shield booster both also look rather splendid, and expensive. But I don't gawk too long at the new corporate asset, warping back to the wormhole and making the two jumps out to low-sec, and one hop to high. I dock the Widow, admire its threatening lines and minimal colours once more, then get back in to my Buzzard. Now I will make use of the rather more important find, returning to hide my Buzzard in a safe-spot in the class 4 w-space system I hope to call home.

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  2. Lol, funny how things turn out. Spend all week looking for a C4 only to have a scout not looking for one specifically stumble upon one and find a C4 and one with a bounty full of loot. Go figure. However awesome find as well.

    If the Rorqual logged off in the system they I imagine its still there. Did they blow up the offline tower so that the the previous owner can't no longer use it or resupply it in any way the tower? May need to get some firepower in the system to get rid of the Rorqual if and when it reappears as well as i would imagine it eventually will.

    Could all turn out just what your looking for all along.

    By Ardent Defender on Nov 24, 2010

  3. It doesn't look like the Rorqual has reappeared, but the tower remains there and off-line. The corporation that owned it lost all of their hangars and arrays, labs, and other modules when our corporation destroyed them all. And then we stole or destroyed their ships.

    They could refuel the tower and bring the shields back on-line, but the capital cost and logistics required to return their operation to a functional configuration is quite large.

    And, yes, it's funny how these things work out. A bit of luck is always welcome.

    By pjharvey on Nov 24, 2010

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