Taking a look around

24th November 2010 – 5.01 pm

I wake up in w-space for the first time in a while, and by myself. The class 4 pulsar system is empty apart from my own ship, and what was left behind after the corporation plundered the off-line assets of the previous occupants. Or maybe they are still current occupants, merely facing a set-back; I'm not sure about that just yet. I warp my Buzzard covert operations boat from the safe spot I'm hiding in to the off-line tower, noting there is still no shield, no ships, and no apparent change. It looks like we still have a window to claim this system for ourselves.

I am here alone, though, and I need to scan an exit to empire space so that our new tower can be brought in and anchored. Before that is done I can stake no more a claim in this system than any other passing ship. I launch probes and begin to scan, although I'm looking for more than any wormholes. I am expecting to scan this system several times over the next few days and I need to be aware of changes more than simply finding an exit.

If I know what all of the signatures in the system are I can ignore them, and additional signatures can be quickly determined and resolved, either adding new resources to the system or indicating potential visitors entering through newly spawned wormholes. Scanning, therefore, is thorough this first day. I don't list what signatures I find and ignore them, but resolve and bookmark every one in the system. Any changes from today will be readily discernable and a good early indication of activity.

I end up with twelve bookmarks. Three anomalies, four gravimetric sites, and four ladar sites are present. The twelfth signature is the only wormhole in the system, so it must be the static connection. I don't warp to the wormhole to bookmark its true location, instead recording the proximate cosmic beacon, so that the connection remains dormant for now. I know I am supposed to be looking for an exit to get our assets in place, but without Fin available there can be no such operation.

For now I am content to see no change in the C4 system, and no activity. The system is mapped for today and this initial scanning exercise will make subsequent scans more efficient. I warp my Buzzard back to its hiding place and go dark, enjoying the peace of unknown space.

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