Looking for an exit

25th November 2010 – 5.14 pm

The class 4 w-space system I am hoping to make home is stabilising as I wake up. This is good, as it means no one else is in the system. A quick scan in my Buzzard covert operations boat confirms that there is no change in the system. And, in theory, the wormhole I resolved yesterday should still be in the same place, despite having a lifetime of sixteen hours. Refraining from warping to its position is supposed to keep a wormhole dormant, and warping to the bookmark I made yesterday indeed brings me to the C247 connection, full of life.

There is opportunity today to bring an Orca industrial command ship in to the pulsar system in order to set up a tower, but that will only happen if a suitable exit to empire space can be found, and time is a factor. Jumping through the wormhole finds me in an unoccupied class 3 w-space system with an off-line tower and nothing else, which is a good start. Scanning resolves a wormhole soon enough, but it leads to low-sec space, which could be a problem.

Jumping in to the destination system puts my ship seventeen hops from our base system, and four jumps from high-sec, which is a fair amount of low-sec space to pass through in an Orca. The intervening systems are apparently active, too, which scuppers plans for getting assets in to the C4. I take myself back in to w-space and park in our intended home system, to look for an exit again tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes, and again the class 4 pulsar system stabilises on my appearance. We now have an additional anomaly spawned in the system, but we will only be able to make use of that if we can get ships in, and the tower with its storage and defensive capabilities. With the system's resources mostly static and mapped it is easy enough to find the new wormhole leading to the connecting class 3 system, and I warp to it and jump through.

As yesterday, the C3 holds an off-line tower and is otherwise empty. Having no occupation gives the Sleepers free rein, giving me plenty of signatures to sift through, and some gravimetric sites look suspiciously like wormholes. But I eventually resolve the static connection, and it is another exit to low-sec empire space. I wonder if C3 systems are more likely to lead to low-sec or if there is perhaps a stronger connection where the particular C4 I come from has a tendency to link to C3s with an exit to low-sec.

I jump out to empire space to check the destination system, and it is less convenient than yesterday. Twenty-eight jumps will take me back to our high-sec base system, with twenty-one of them through low-sec. Adjusting the auto-pilot settings reduces the number of low-sec jumps to eight and only increasing the total to thirty, but that is still mighty inconvenient. All becomes clear when I realise I am in the Aridia region, one I have exited w-space in to before, and one that is deep in low-sec space.

It doesn't look like we'll be moving any assets today either. I head back in to the C3 to look in hope for any further wormholes, perhaps a K162 coming from a class 2 system with a nifty connection to high-sec space, but all I find is a K162 wormhole on the verge of collapse and coming from a C4. It looks like I may need as much patience to get set up in the new home system as I did when looking for it in the first place. I just hope I don't also need to rely on the same luck.

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  2. Hopefully your covert alt will train faster now that CCP are removing the learning skills.

    Every time you mention cleaving your 'new home' worm hole I fear it'll close behind you and it'll be gone forever!

    By noise on Nov 25, 2010

  3. You and me both, noise.

    The eradication of learning skills has come just a little bit too late for Constance, more's the pity. But I understand it may not have made too much difference overall, and the accelerated training rate—which is also being removed—gives a good sense of early progress.

    By pjharvey on Nov 25, 2010

  4. Congrats on finding your new home.

    Thinking about making a return to WH space myself some time soon, just not sure if I want to join and established corp or go it pretty much alone again *cringes at the thought of constant solo tower monitoring*.

    On the subject of getting trapped/podded outside your system, I've got a basic scanner alt (scanning skills 4/3 and prototype cloak frig) I used to leave in our WH as a backup thats just sitting in empire at the moment. If you want an extra failsafe while I'm not using it.

    By Mdih Lihu on Nov 26, 2010

  5. Thanks for the offer of the scanning pilot, but we managed to get in pretty quickly in the end, so it's all worked out.

    And are you angling for an invitation?

    By pjharvey on Nov 28, 2010

  6. Upon rereading it certainly looks like I was angling haha, thanks but no at least not at the moment, still going back and forth a lot on what I want to do. I was more thinking/typing out loud/into your comments :)

    No problem, just though I'd offer since its not doing anything useful at the moment anyway.

    By Mdih Lihu on Nov 29, 2010

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