Building our capability

30th November 2010 – 5.19 pm

Fin's been scanning, and has found an oddity. The first class 3 w-space system she found connected by our static wormhole had an exit to low-sec empire space, which is far from unusual, but collapsing that wormhole to get a second one results in a C3 with an exit to high-sec. I had stopped believing they existed, but at least now I can go shopping. When thinking about how best to ambush a Hulk, a slim possibility yesterday, I realised that our newly installed hangar has few options for ship fittings.

We have brought in some odds and ends that we both had lying around, and our ships are fully fitted, but there is little option to reconfigure a ship without first stripping down another. The situation is not ideal and I made a short list of items we could probably use several of, so that we aren't wasting time hopping between ships looking for the right tool for the job. Any exit to empire space is suitable for shopping in my Crane transport ship, but a high-sec destination should make visiting a hub quicker.

Finding a hub is certainly easy, as I exit w-space to be only eight jumps from Jita. I am also fourteen jumps from the rest of my ships, making me think heading to market is probably the better option for now. But the high-sec route is convenient, and Fin finds a parked freighter to load up as many ships as possible. The one long and slow journey in the Charon is quicker than separate trips in all of the ships combined, and will mean we only need to recover the ships from a local station and jump in to w-space.

My shopping is straightforward. I pick up some warp disruptors, warp scramblers, target painters, sensor dampers, and stasis webifiers for our pointy ships, and local and remote armour repair modules of various sizes for utility. Fin asks me to get some crystals for lasers, whatever they are, and then to fill up my hold with mechanical parts, fuel for the tower. Jita has everything, even if it may not be the absolute cheapest option, and the convenience of shopping in one station is worth paying for. I load up the Crane and go back to the exit system, jumping back in to w-space and getting home without problem.

The neighbouring class 3 w-space system is occupied but quiet. I was here around eight months ago, and at the time I was only passing through. I noted that there is a tower in the system but not its location, which is all I do today too. I have no desperate need to find the tower, particularly as there is only the ridiculously named Reaper rookie ship visible on my directional scanner, although my notes also point out that a corporation ship and pod was lost in this system. The occupants may be a threat, but not if they are absent, and that's all I need to know for now.

Fin's Charon freighter makes it to the high-sec system and unloads the ships it has brought across from our base system. I strip to my pod and jump back out to empire space to dock. With the intermediate w-space system currently inactive I first take the less stealthy ships in to our home C4, making trips for two Basilisk logistic ships, and a Hawk and Vengeance assault ship. I leave the ships that can warp cloaked until last, in case the C3 occupants wake up, but the Manticore stealth bomber and Pilgrim recon ship see nothing changed on d-scan either.

It has been a quiet but positive evening. Our presence in w-space is getting more threatening, with more ships brought in to the tower as well as some modules that should increase our combat effectiveness. We still have more ships to bring, and our fittings store leaves much to be desired until it can be considered for general purpose use. It is difficult to know what you are missing until you need it, and we could probably use armour, shield, and propulsion modules, and more utility fittings like expanded cargoholds. Maybe we could even use some rock and gas mining options. But I'm not going to expect this to happen suddenly, and we continue to make good progress in being a productive duo.

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