EVE mails from the edge

9th December 2010 – 7.09 pm

Reprinted with permission

To: Penny Ibramovic
From: Fin Kename
Subject: Wish you were here

I found myself in a rather pleasant class 3 w-space system. It is medium-sized, with one of its planets about 56 AU from the star. It is a fortunate set of circumstances that this outer planet has no moons. Warping out there let me create a safe spot about 20 AU from that distant planet and 34 AU from any other celestial object. This let me park the Orca and board the Buzzard to scan, the Orca remaining hidden from casual d-scanners.

Only three signatures were present in the entire system, which was promising. I believe I have mentioned that this system is occupied. If not, then do forgive my manners.

The first hit I got when scanning resolved to an exit to low-sec empire space. Yes, I know, a static exit to low-sec in a C3, what are the odds? The wormhole dumped me in Jaymass, in the Derelik region, which is rather fortunate too, as it is immediately adjacent to a system in high-sec, which will let me get the Orca out.

Well, it would if I could get back to the Orca, but I seem to have misplaced it. For some reason, and please don't chide me for this, I appear to have deleted the bookmark for the safe spot I created. Yes, the same safe spot where I launched the Buzzard and left the expensive industrial command ship behind.

But, as luck would have it, there are some combat scanner probes in this Buzzard, which surely must let me find the whale of a ship, particularly as I have a good idea where it must be. And, indeed, a quick scan finds me a ship, right where I expect. Sadly, it turns out to be some Gallente junk, an Iteron Mk III.

I doubt the scanning probes are faulty, and warping to the resolved signature indeed finds a vulgar hauler floating in space, and not my ship. Maybe the locals found the Orca, but how? And when? I wasn't gone long, and I made sure the ship was out of easy detection range. But where could it otherwise be?

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