EVE mails from the edge

9th December 2010 – 9.03 pm

Reprinted with permission

To: Penny Ibramovic
From: Fin Kename
Subject: Everyone remember where we parked

My last communication may have got you a little agitated about my losing a rather expensive ship to my own foolishness, but it turns out only to be partly true. In my hurry to find the Orca I wantonly abandoned for my own survival, I failed to notice that the system map was orientated differently from when I earlier scanned the exit from this system. Yes, I had the map upside down. Correcting this oversight let me scan the correct volume of space and be reunited with my ship.

Not only was I able to board the expensive Orca again, but I remembered to scoop the Buzzard back in to the maintenance hangar before warping off. And I still had the bookmark for the Iteron Mk III I accidentally found, so warped there and scooped that from its frozen location on the edge of hell too. A quick jump through a wormhole, a warp and jump through a stargate, and I am back in the confines of high-sec empire space.

Now I only have 28 jumps before I reach our staging system. Apparently, not all wormholes can get close to The Hub.

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  2. nice. I can totally identify with doing something just like that - finding the Itty III is just icing on the cake, since you could so easily convince yourself that someone just switched out ships.

    By Jason on Dec 10, 2010

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