Mapping the home system

8th January 2011 – 5.25 pm

A lazy afternoon seems like a good time to complete a full re-scan of the home w-space system. I could go hunting through our static wormhole but it is getting more difficult to isolate the new wormhole signature from the few dozen bookmarks I have, and it will be good to trim the now-inactive sites from my growing list. I won't be stupid about re-scanning each site, though. I'm not about to delete all of my bookmarks and resolve each one again. Instead, I launch probes and create a normal scanning configuration, but one using a tight range. Now I sweep over the pins denoting bookmarked sites and see which bookmarks still correlate to active signatures. Any that match I move to a temporary holding folder, and any that don't are deleted.

I know that adding the signature reference to a bookmark's description can be an aid for future scanning, but now I realise how useful it is to have a unique identifier for each bookmark. When there are half-a-dozen 'ordinary perimeter deposit' sites, for example, in the system, and there is no way to gauge the distance to the bookmark like it is possible with scanned signature results, having a unique name helps to identify the right bookmark. I must remember to do the same with anomalies from now on. The signature identifiers change daily, with each galactic reboot, so I can't simply match each site from a blanket scan, but giving each bookmark an individual name will let me keep track of sites over longer periods.

I sweep the probes around the system, gradually identifying each bookmarked site as either present or defunct. The last few I have to whittle down by visually searching for the bookmark on the system map, where the unique name also is necessary, and eventually I have a complete and current scan of the system. It wasn't terribly time-consuming but I don't want to make a habit out of performing the thorough scan, which probably means taking more interest in clearing sites at home. A couple of sites are gone, but a handful more have spawned, giving us forty-two in total. The Sleepers are getting out of control!

My scanning and resolution of all the new signatures naturally finds the static wormhole too, and now that my scan is complete I can explore external to the home system. There isn't much to find, sadly. Our neighbouring class 3 w-space system is empty of other capsuleers, and scanning finds only three anomalies and four other signatures. Three ladar sites and a wormhole in an inactive system is not terribly exciting. I leave the wormhole unvisited for now, in case when Fin turns up we want to abuse the Sleepers in the anomlies. I'll just head back through the wormhole home and grab myself a bit to eat. Corporation colleagues talking about sammiches has made me hungry.

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