Too tired to do much

24th January 2011 – 5.51 pm

There are more missing signatures at home. I imagine Fin has been harvesting gas, which is relatively quick to do and helps declutter our class 4 w-space system. I delete the bookmarks to obviously missing signatures but don't perform a full scan of the system, instead resolving our static wormhole and jumping in to our neighbouring class 3 system for today. My attention is grabbed immediately by the presence of a Hulk exhumer on the directional scanner, along with a drone. But the drone is an ECM variant and there is also a tower visible, locating which also finds the Hulk safely and inertly sitting inside the shields. The drone is elsewhere, but I honestly don't care about a lost robotic puppy.

I launch probes and scan the system, finding eight anomalies and six signatures. A wormhole is resolved quickly and is a remarkable sight, being a second exit to high-sec empire space in as many days. We're being spoilt. And a second wormhole piques my interest, hopefully offering further w-space adventures but sadly is a K162 coming in from null-sec k-space. A third wormhole must surely let me explore deeper, but this one turns out to be another route to high-sec, via a K162 connection this time. This just leaves a gravimetric and two ladar sites to resolve.

With the C3 system mapped, and all sites bookmarked, I check the exits, starting with the null-sec connection. I find myself in the Querious region but also too dizzy to care to explore, which perhaps makes it just as well we don't have more linked w-space. I poke my nose through both of the exits to high-sec too, one being four hops to The Hub, the other five hops to it from the other direction, also making it a mere six jumps to Jita. If only I were prescient I would have waited a day to buy my replacement stealth bomber. As it is, I can think of nothing I want or need to buy and simply head home to take a break.

I return to take my new stealth bomber, Lorem Ipsum, for a roam in to the class 3 w-space system. With any luck, that Hulk is now in the lone gravimetric site and nodding off at the controls, but the system remains as sleepy as I feel. I check the wormholes—finding the K162 from high-sec to be reaching the end of its lifetime, and the other two still stable—before heading home to get some rest. Or maybe not. Jumping back to our C4 sees scanning probes on d-scan. It looks like we have a new connection.

Swapping the Manticore for my Buzzard covert operations boat, I go scanning once more. The new wormhole is easy enough to find. I change back to my Manticore and, with no sign of activity on the connection itself, I push in to the class 5 w-space system now linking to us. There is nothing on d-scan but a single, outer planet, so I bookmark the wormhole and warp away to explore. Further in to the system is a tower, a piloted Tengu strategic cruiser idling inside the shields, with some empty haulers nearby. There doesn't seem to be any other activity and I head home, where probes are still visible in the system.

The scout is most likely looking for wormholes, perhaps bookmarking anomalies or other sites of interest for opportunities a bit later. His continued presence and persistent scanning encourages me to jump in to my Malediction interceptor and plant myself on the other side of our static wormhole, hoping to catch the scout's boat as he moves on. The problem is that I don't have the patience today, jumping back home after only a few minutes and returning to the tower to slump in to a sofa. The probes remain on d-scan as I go off-line.

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