Stalking battleship and battlecruiser

21st February 2011 – 5.03 pm

Gah, more anomalies and mining sites! I should either do something about the proliferation of signatures in our home system or stop complaining about it. I have fifty bookmarked sites getting in the way of finding wormholes now, and I cannot be entirely sure which bookmarks are still relevant. Most of them, I would guess, by the mess of red marks my scanning probes return, but maybe I can change that. It may be difficult, but it's not impossible to find our static wormhole, and I eventually do, leaving behind the housework to explore our neighbouring class 3 w-space system instead.

My directional scanner immediately shows me a Drake battlecruiser and Typhoon battleship in the system, a quick adjustment also revealing a Sleeper wreck. I must find them! I bookmark the wormhole home and warp away, looking to get out of d-scan range of the combat ships but finding a tower on the other side of the system instead. The Tengu strategic cruiser and other ships may not stop me launching scanning probes covertly, though, as it depends on whether they are piloted or not. To find that out I need to locate the tower, which is a new feature to this sytem from ten weeks ago when I was last here.

The tower is easy to find around one of the moons, and I see the Tengu is piloted, as is a Crane transport ship and two covert operation boats. I can't launch probes without a chance of being spotted so I merely warp back to the centre of the system and start a scan with my passive sensors. The passive scan should find the Drake and Typhoon, as long as they are in an anomaly, which they are. And the increasing number of wrecks appearing on d-scan suggests they are not salvaging as they fight, which should mean a salvaging boat will follow behind them, giving me a target. I warp in to the anomaly, cautious not to decloak on a ship or structure, where I bookmark a couple of wrecks. But just after I warp in the Drake warps out.

I assume the Drake has left the anomaly in order to preserve his shields, if he is running a standard buffer tank, but the Typhoon soon follows. I don't know much about Typhoon battleships, although I would think they are generally fitted with an active tank, and one that can survive a basic anomaly in class 3 w-space. But it is possible the Sleepers have overcome the battleship too, and the ship's persistence on d-scan indicates they may be coming back. Actually, I don't know what that means, as they clearly haven't gone back to the local tower, as that is out of d-scan range, yet they are not in this anomaly. I'm not entirely sure what's happening here. My best guess is that they warped out to a wormhole, but that would mean they are shooting Sleepers in an anomaly whilst there are piloted ships in the local tower. That would be risky!

As I am considering all this the Drake and Typhoon warp back in to the anomaly where I'm waiting, giving me the chance to see what corporation they belong to. Warping to the tower confirms my suspicion that the combat ships are not in the same corporation as the C3 locals, nor the same alliance, so they do seem to be taking a risk in being here whilst the locals are awake. But that's okay, as far as I know the outsiders have reconnoitred the system and seen the other ships, maybe without movement for long enough to make them think it's safe. Maybe they even have a scout sitting cloaked off the tower, ready to warn the combat ships of possible movement. Either way, I'm heading home to get my stealth bomber.

Neither the locals nor the outsiders know about me yet. No scanning probes have been visible on d-scan, which keeps our wormhole secret for now. The connection is in d-scan range of the active anomaly, though, making my entrance important to get right. I jump back to the class 3 system, move away from the wormhole and cloak, and warp to the anomaly, looking to keep my distance for now. The ships warp out again, a little too soon after my reappearance in the system to be coincidental, although they could be conserving shields again. But, this time, they disappear from d-scan. It looks like they caught my Manticore on d-scan as it entered the system and have bugged out, and their vigiliance on d-scan isn't surprising given the circumstances. Oh well, it looks like I won't get an easy kill today.

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  2. hello, i just wanted to say that i have been following this blog for a while now your antics are amusing to read about, they are also thaught provoking. I toolive in a WH and because of u have recently brought a manticore in there (your fit is great BTW). Today i got a chance to use it! Three bs a legion and a zellot (sp sry) were in my wh doing one of my sites...the nerve so i warped to the sun to get a better fix on d-scan where they were (in my manticoe). I found which anomaly they were in just as they were finishing, thinking of u and fin i knew there would be a salvager soon so i placed myself 50 km above a wreck and waited. Ten min later a sythe warps in and all others warp out to another site so i get 20 km away (i cant use bombs yet :( ) and de-cloak and start laying him to waste. It isnt long and he explodes , i miss the pod but his buddies and him decide because me the place is toohot and bugg out so we close the wh :) it was fun and i wanted to share my experence. Im not sure i would have done this if i hadent read your bolg. So thanks for the idea not to mention the fit! I would love to see ur tengu fit if you dont mind shooting me a evemail to my username, i will share mine with u although it doesnt seem u need it. Anywhoo thanks again andd keep jp the gold!!

    By Tavi Calderon on Feb 22, 2011

  3. That'll teach them for intruding in your system. Good job!

    My Tengu fit is fairly standard, I believe. I'll see if I can dig it out.

    By pjharvey on Feb 22, 2011

  4. Oops, I forgot about providing finding my Tengu fit. Here it is:


    High slots:
    5 × Heavy assault missile launcher II

    Mid slots:
    1 × Large shield booster II
    2 × Shield boost amplifier II
    1 × Invulnerability field II
    1 × Photon scattering field II
    1 × 10 MN afterburner II

    Low slots:
    3 × Ballistic control system II
    1 × Damage control II
    1 × Overdrive injector system II

    3 × Medium capacitor control circuit I

    Amplification node
    Fuel Catalyst
    Accelerated ejection bay
    Capacitor regeneration matrix
    CPU efficiency gate

    HAMs give the Tengu relatively short range, but the overdrive gets me there quickly and lets me speed-tank a bit more damage. It works well enough, but sometimes the Sleepers can web me and keep me out of HAM range when flying solo. I can swap to heavy missile launchers easily enough, though, giving me long range for little drop in damage.

    By pjharvey on Mar 9, 2011

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