Scanning action

3rd March 2011 – 5.14 pm

Another false start to a day, as a K162 wormhole coming from class 2 w-space distracts me. I can't divert my attention further that way, though, as the wormhole is at the end of its life. Instead, I continue to scan until I resolve our static connection. The wormhole to our neighbouring class 3 system is stable and healthy, and I jump through. An off-line tower and some scanning probes are visible on my directional scanner, showing activity but perhaps not originating here. The probes are only core scanners, and there are no ships on d-scan, so I feel safe enough launch my own combat scanning probes and moving them out of the system. Of course, the other scout here could be cloaked and in range of d-scan to see me, but I consider it a fairly safe assumption that an active scanner doesn't check d-scan that often.

A blanket scan of this C3 system finds no anomalies, a few signatures, and some ships, so I imagine there is an on-line tower for me to find. I warp around and locate it, seeing a Badger industrial ship, Viator transport ship, and Ishkur assault ship inside its shields, the latter two both piloted. I also notice a second set of scanning probes, and I am fairly sure they are not mine. Presumably both scouts are cloaked somewhere, as the piloted ships here aren't ideal for scanning. With so many probes in the system some more can't hurt, and I start what I hope to be a quick scan.

My first hit is a wormhole, which turns out to be the static connection to low-sec empire space. I loiter at the exit for a while, as I resolve a radar, ladar, and three gravimetric sites, but no one seems interested in visiting low-sec. I warp back to the K162 homewards, wondering if it will attract more attention, and it does, a Purifier stealth bomber jumping through to our C4. The final signature in this C3 is a K162 from a C2 system, which is also pretty neat. I jump through to take a look.

Nothing appears on d-scan in the C2, and I launch probes, move them out of the system, and warp away from the wormhole. A few signatures dot the system, but no anomalies, and the two ships I see are both at the local tower. They are both also piloted, which could be interesting, particularly as they change from inoccuous boats to a Falcon recon ship and Legion strategic cruiser. I decide to scan this system regardless of activity, resolving the second static wormhole as an exit to high-sec empire space.

I poke my nose out to appear in the Heimatar region and far from any assets, and returning to the C2 sees one pilot changed back in to his Anathema covert operations boat—perhaps a source of probes in the C3 earlier—and the other disappeared. Whether his Falcon is out and about and cloaked or he simply logged off I cannot tell. The C3 is equally quiet with promise, pilots around but not moving out of the tower. I get the exit to low-sec here too, which takes me to the Placid region, but have little else to do for now. I return home, not getting bombed by the Purifier as I jump through our K162, and take a break.

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