A maggot of a ship

7th March 2011 – 5.06 pm

There are two wormholes at home today. The first is super-easy to find, almost ensuring it's not our static connection, and I see that it is a K162 coming from a class 5 w-space system. I keep scanning until I resolve our static wormhole, which thankfully is also rather easy to locate, and then decide to ignore the C5 for now anyway. There are no ships in our C4 home and the C5 pilots may have ventured in to the C3, and I think it serves my needs better to find out first if that's the case.

I jump in to the class 3 w-space system to have a tower and a bunch of ships appear on my directional scanner, but I see no wrecks. I find the local tower and, at the same time, all of the ships in the system. There is no ship maintenance array, curiously enough, making the six ships the entire fleet of the corporation, barring any they are currently asleep in. And they are all asleep, every ship unpiloted here. With no one around I take time to scan, although a Crane transport ship appears briefly. When it doesn't appear at the tower I assume it belongs to the C5 occupants and that they are hauling to or from empire space, and I press on with scanning.

Some gas is ignored, revealing a wormhole. We've got one of those rare exits that leads to high-sec empire space today and, even better, the destination system is Caldari space. Oh, not only Caldari space, but in The Citadel, and two jumps from my still-packaged Flycatcher interdictor, bought on sale and not even having a fit worked out for it yet. I head home, copy my bookmarks in to our shared can, and take my own Crane out to collect the Flycatcher. I haul it back in the transport ship just to get it in to w-space, where it can be fitted later, instead of risking its destruction before I even put weapons on it.

Whilst out in The Citadel I notice the exit is a mere six hops from Jita too. Now that glorious leader Fin has arrived I enquire about an order we placed recently, and finding out that it has been fulfilled I get liberatingly nude to take my pod out to New Eden's market hub to pick up a new toy. Fittings are bought, the ship assembled, and subsystems installed. Yes, I have a new strategic cruiser, although this one looks less elegant than a Tengu and more like a maggoty worm. But it holds promise for me, perhaps with a bit of tweaking, and I am a little excited to bring my new Legion back home to w-space.

I am occasionally concerned about bringing a new ship home, worried that I'll get ambushed and never get to play with my new toy. But woe betide the fool who gets in my way today, as this ship is designed and fitted to be a killer. My only slight doubt is that I am not quite fully trained in the Legion subsystem skills, which is preventing one of the fittings from being brought on-line, but I should still be a formidable opponent. Luckily, I suppose, there remains no activity in either the C3 or our home C4, and I stow the Legion in our hangar.

Fin buys a Legion at the same time and I notice that, as with our previous lack of imagination with a hurried stealth bomber purchase, there is some overlap with names, but only because there are obvious options. At least we complement each other, Fin's Legion called 'We Are', and mine 'For we are many'. These little coincidences amuse me.

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  2. What's the Legion for for? PvP or PvE?

    By noise on Mar 10, 2011

  3. That is a matter of operational security.

    By pjharvey on Mar 10, 2011

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