Just passing through

12th July 2011 – 5.28 pm

Just as sometimes you can scan through a dozen w-space systems and find no exit to k-space, you can scan an awful lot of k-space before you find a wormhole. I like to think that the wealth of conveniently interconnected systems out in high-sec empire space offers almost infinite possibility for finding a way in to w-space, but there are days when it looks like the reawakening of the Sleepers was just a dream. No wormholes in the mission base system is hardly disheartening, but the second, third, and fourth systems I check are also dry of any wormholes, and my next stargate jump would put me in to null-sec space.

I turn around and make the jumps back to base, continuing in that contrary direction to explore further. At last there are signatures to resolve, three of them in this system, and the first is a wormhole. It's even a stable K162 coming from class 2 w-space, and none of this empire-to-empire nonsense. The other two signatures are a radar and magnetometric site, which I ignore to jump in to the C2 to roam in my exploration Tengu strategic cruiser.

My prospects don't look too promising initially, only an empty tower on scan and a close look at the system map showing there to be nowhere to hide from my directional scanner. But class 2 w-space systems always have two static wormholes, one leading to k-space and one to w-space, which makes their K162s ideal to find when scanning from empire space, as I can be assured of having more w-space to explore once I find that second static wormhole.

Scanning is quick and easy in this C2, with only four sigantures in total and my having jumped through one of them. I'm left with a gravimetric and magnetometric site each, and a static wormhole to class 1 w-space, which is nice. I bookmark the two sites for places of potential later ambushes, and jump through to the C1 to see core scanning probes on d-scan along with a tower. What would be excellent is if this scout is from the C2 and is looking for sites to clear in this C1, and with that in mind I think about letting him finish his scanning, watch him head home to the C2, and then see what ship he brings back here.

I find a place to launch probes myself, performing a blanket scan to see how long I may have to wait for the scout to complete his scanning. Seven signatures shouldn't take long to resolve, and the four anomalies may bring a combat boat, and perhaps a salvager, in to this system shortly. Whatever will happen, I am back to waiting. Glorious leader Fin has turned up now, which adds to our firepower, and I direct her to the high-sec system and specific signature to let her join me in my roaming. She resolves the wormhole to the class 2 system easily enough, then that to the C1, and sits in wait on the other side of the wormhole to me.

Soon enough a Helios covert operations boat appears on the wormhole in the C1 and jumps through to the C2. My hopes that he'll be back in a bigger and better target are dashed when he starts launching probes on the wormhole, which I'm imagining a resident of the system wouldn't have to do, thinking he'd have a bookmark to his home tower. But Fin points out the Helios pilot was cavalier on his entrance in to the system, not waiting for the session change timer to end, and maybe we can use that when he returns. If he returns, which of course he doesn't.

I check the tower local to the C1 I am in and realise the Helios is not from here either, and instead it seems he has scanned his way from low-sec in to the C1, through to the C2, then exited out to high-sec and went on his way. When scanning is an essential activity in w-space it is difficult to know when to take a shot. A local could be scanning for reference, exploration, or looking for profit, and you can never be sure what. Sometimes you take your first opportunity to be sure of a shot, other times you wait and get lucky with a bigger target or let it go only to be left staring at empty space.

Despite my plan being sound, I could have done a better job of scouting today. I should have noted the owner corporation of the towers in both systems, to make a better call about engaging the Helios as it passed through the connecting wormhole. Had I realised the ship called neither w-space system home Fin could have probably taken a good shot, or at least scared it back in to my sights. Instead my assumptions lost us the opportunity, and with both w-space systems remaining quiet and the hour drawing on we head back to empire space to rest for the night.

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  2. I sure i read somewhere ages ago from some Dev or another that the spawning of wormholes in Empire is totally random but evenly spaced.

    I dont buy it =)

    Spending nearly every day traversing empire for entry points i 99% certain that there some kind of cyclical thing going on whereby either one or more factions space at least can have a real dearth but cross a border and every system has one or two.I normally scan through about 5-6 systems and if i get 0-1 im off to the closest border region where invariably they start to reappear every 1-2 systems.

    oh yeah...add my name to the list of them more than willing to help come clear out your raiders..a couple other experienced w-space raiders from Night Theifs also glad to o7

    By Kuklinski on Jul 12, 2011

  3. Thanks, Kuklinski, it's much appreciated.

    Crossing a region border certainly can seem to drastically alter the number of wormholes found. It would be interesting to find out how it all is worked out.

    By pjharvey on Jul 12, 2011

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