Chasing away a Comet

5th September 2011 – 7.41 pm

I'm back, and Fin's in trouble. Like me, she saw scanning probes in the home system and decided to sit in ambush on a wormhole. Also like me, circumstances didn't go according to plan. 'I got jumped from behind', she tells me, as I see a Federation Navy Comet on my directional scanner in the home system. The frigate caught Fin unawares and blasted through her Crow interceptor's shields and most of her armour before Fin was able to flee through the wormhole. Now she's floating around our neighbouring class 3 w-space system wondering if it's safe to come home.

I scout our static wormhole to help get Fin home and, with any luck, to catch and pop the Comet in a counter-attack. I warp my covert Tengu strategic cruiser across the system to see the frigate 180 km off the wormhole and moving fast. He's not sitting on a vector with a celestial object, so he must have burnt away from the wormhole using sub-warp power. I'm guessing that he is keeping a safe distance for now, with the ability to warp directly to the wormhole should it flare, signalling the return of Fin's Crow.

The Comet's fast. He stops about 200 km away from the wormhole then moves directly upwards, my overview pegging him at 3 km/s. But then he's gone, warped off in the direction of the K162 from class 4 w-space we have in our system. I warp that way myself but not in time to see the Comet jump. He's off d-scan by the time I get there, and the frigate is not a ship to cloak. It's only when Fin gets home safely and is repairing her armour at our tower that I notice the message from the Comet's pilot in the local channel.

The Comet must have been pretty vigilant with d-scan. My Tengu was only visible for a few seconds before cloaking when returning to the system, yet he caught enough of a glimpse to ward him off. It's probably good for him that he did, as a Comet tackled by a bait Crow probably would have been chewed up by my strategic cruiser. More importantly, it looks like I actually saved Fin for once, even if it was just a matter of good timing. And, in other news, the C3 only has an exit to null-sec k-space, making it useless for collecting Pengu. Even if I didn't know it, at least I wasn't wasting time earlier in chasing the other scout.

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