Not much to find

29th September 2011 – 5.17 pm

I have no big plan for today. I'll look next door, see if there's anyone to shoot, and then go to bed. Or maybe I won't even get that far, as my directional scanner shows me two sets of scanning probes visible in our home system. It looks like we have company, and I'd rather not alert them to my presence just yet.

It's not long before the probes disappear—we don't have many sites here, after all—and the scouts probably move on, but they don't come back quickly and I'm not seeing combat ships move in to steal our Sleeper loot from anomalies, and without a salvager to sneakily hit I don't feel like chasing behind other ships. I'll snuggle up in my cloaked ship and let space swallow me today.

So I did nothing yesterday, let's see if today can be more productive. I get as far as launching scanning probes, at least, and I see more than the four expected signatures in our home system. I'll have to find out what's appeared. Naturally, it's just rocks and gas, which I activate immediately upon resolution, and just after I got rid of the last lot too. I also resolve our static wormhole, which I visit and, uh, okay, maybe I won't jump through it.

Our static connection is reaching the end of its natural lifetime, so we've had visitors pass through here in the past twelve-to-sixteen hours. That explains the missing anomalies. Maybe I won't be that productive tonight either, as I may have four hours to wait until this wormhole collapses and is replaced by a new connection. I wander off to keep myself entertained.

I'm suspecting the pillagers passed through here almost exactly sixteen hours ago. I'm barely through drumming along to Nirvana's Lithium when the wormhole has disappeared from my overview. That's nice, but I'm drumming a little longer, I need my practice. At least when I have had my fill I'll have some exploration to do.

Putting down my drum sticks has me soon finding the new static connection to class 3 w-space, and I jump through to see lots of ships but no wrecks littering the system. I suspect the ships are all at the local tower, also present on d-scan, and indeed they are. Sadly, there is also nowhere to hide in this compact system, so there is nothing new to find with a blanket scan and I settle for scanning normally straight away.

Twelve anomalies tease me, but without assistance I am left sorting through the thirteen signatures here. My first hit is a wormhole and I leave it unvisited for now, keeping it closed in case it is the only one and Fin turns up for some Sleeper combat. And it is the sole connection in the C3, but unfortunately there is no sign of Fin so far. I warp to the wormhole to give me something to do, exiting to low-sec empire space to continue scanning. All I find are a couple of Sansha sites out here in the Devoid region, no other wormholes, and although I could pop a few Sansha for fun I don't like the look of the locals.

I return to the C3 but there is still no sign of activity. It's another quiet evening for me, simple exploration ending as abruptly as possible and little option to go farther afield. I'll just head home and get some rest.

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