Scanning through sleepy w-space

30th September 2011 – 5.03 pm

There must be someone out there! After all, they keep passing through our system and stealing our Sleeper loot. I'm going to see if I can find them today, and then shoot them. First I'd better resolve the four unexpected signatures in the home system, which just turn out to be gas, gas, gas, and rocks. Stupid rocks. All new sites activated, I warp to the static wormhole and jump to our neighbouring class 3 w-space system, where I find nothing. This C3 was unoccupied nine months ago and it's unoccupied now, maybe because it has a static exit to null-sec k-space. My prospects don't look good, but I'll scan anyway.

Eleven anomalies and nineteen signatures sounds about right for an unoccupied w-space system that gets the occasional visitor, although the first wormhole I find feels a bit chubby to exit to null-sec. The second wormhole resolved is suitably weak, and I provisionally label my bookmark to suggest it is the static connection, before going on to find a third wormhole. Maybe I'll have something to do after all. Checking the two errant connections gives me outbound connections to class 3 and class 4 w-space, which is pretty nifty. There may be no guarantee of life on the other side, which a K162 generally offers, but more space to explore is more space to explore.

I choose to visit the second class 3 system first, expecting it only to lead to k-space and being quicker to explore to exhaustion. Indeed, jumping in has me turning around immediately, seeing only three towers on my directional scanner and no sign of any ships. Rather than scan for the a wormhole leading out of w-space I jump back to the first C3 and warp across the system to investigate the C4, but that too is rather bland. Again, a tower and no ships are on d-scan, but at least there will be a wormhole leading to more w-space, so I launch probes and begin scanning.

I have fifteen signatures to sort through, but spotting the wormhole is easy. There it lurks on the outskirts of the system, hoping no one will notice it. But I'm wise to you, Mr Wormhole, I know that you are often repelled by celestial bodies. I warp across to discover a static connection to class 1 w-space, which is soft and squidgy and really quite appealing, just as my combat scanning probes detect a contact in this C4! I rush back to the tower in time to see the pilot of a Tengu strategic cruiser update his skill queue and go back to sleep, which is terribly exciting. I'll explore the C1 now, I think.

The class 1 system looks dull when viewed by d-scan from the K162. No ships, no tower, no nothing. And opening the system map shows there is also nowhere to hide, everything in the system within d-scan range of me. I scan the system, finding only rocks and gas, and the static wormhole leading out to null-sec. I press on, exiting to the Pure Blind region whre there are no more wormholes to discover, so I shoot a few Gurista rats for a bit of pocket ISK and a negligible increase in security status until my shield buffer starts complaining. It's time to take a break. I head home, checking the systems as I go, but all remains deathly silent. I'll grab a sammich and hope that more is happening later.

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