Scanning and selling stolen Sleeper loot

10th November 2011 – 5.50 pm

I'm only planning on a quick poke around w-space tonight, but I don't even leave the home system. Fin's around and has finished her training in black ops ships to give us more Widow powers, and she pootles around in one of the two we have in our hangar. It looks good on her. We end up shooting the breeze for a bit, talking about what's been happening, and I regale her of yesterday's tale of the interlopers; I'll be eating off that story for a while. Whilst we chat I scan. The two remaining anomalies are joined by some rocks, which I activate, and two magnetometric sites, along with our static wormhole. I don't visit the connection but keep it closed, happy just to catch up and float in space for tonight. There will be another wormhole tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow never comes, but today is a new day. I'm hoping the wormhole I scanned previously is still present and inactive but it looks like Shev's made use of it. That's not a problem, I'd be scanning the home system anyway, as a defensive measure as much as anything, and it is a simple matter to resolve the new connection. Jumping in to our neighbouring class 3 system has a tower visible on my directional scanner, which must be anchored to one of the four moons around the only planet in scanning range. I launch probes and blanket the system, whilst I look for the tower here to make an appropriate bookmark for reference.

Finding the tower is easy, as I was in this C3 seven months ago and it hasn't moved since then. I can concentrate instead on scanning, not that two anomalies and two signatures demand much concentration. I bookmark the anomalies, note the signature identifier of the K162 home, and resolve the system's static exit to high-sec empire space. Jumping to high-sec puts me in a mighty convenient location, one hop from Amarr, where NPCs like to buy Sleeper loot and capsuleers like to trade. It looks like a good time to liquidate all the stolen loot I've accumulated.

I jump back to w-space and warp homewards, seeing an unsurprising lack of change for my having only left this dead system a minute ago. I stow my scouting strategic cruiser in favour of a Crane transport ship and throw all of the stolen loot and salvage in to its hold, making the transport rather more expensive than outward appearances would suggest. It is a simple journey across our home system and one external w-space system back to high-sec, where no one loiters on the wormhole, and one hop through a stargate puts me in Amarr. I dock and sell all the loot, plumping up the corporation wallet by a handy 750 million ISK.

I get the feeling I should be buying something whilst out of w-space and in such a convenient system in empire space, but I don't know what. The tower has enough stock of fuel, although I suppose it wouldn't harm to get more, particularly when we could find ourselves exiting to Aridia for the next two months, but I've only recently made a fuel run and don't fancy running logistics as such. I settle for picking up a few skill books, which maybe I'll inject in a fortnight's time and maybe I won't.

Training has stalled somewhat and I'm looking for a new direction, particularly as the previous plan has fallen through for now, but a new ship slightly the same as the last may not be enough to maintain my interest. It's best to keep the skill points ticking over, though, and new options at least give me something to consider. And, for now, that's all I'm getting up to. Taking the Crane home through the quiet C3 is uninspiring for any continued exploration, leaving me to part and get a sammich.

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