Musings for a milestone

20th November 2011 – 3.13 pm

I'm slowly but steadily reaching a milestone with the chronicling of my adventures in New Eden and beyond. I long ago passed having written one thousand posts, not even noticing as the number of posts published reached four digits. However, I am yet to reach one thousand posts tagged with EVE Online, and even though it is still over a month away I am getting closer to that milestone with almost every day.

I wasn't really going to celebrate having written a thousand posts about EVE Online, merely mention it in passing. A short, self-congrulatory post seems to cheapen what should be a relatively impressive feat for an amateur blogger with a full-time job and in part-time education, as well as having the effect of artificially inflating the post-count, even if only by one.

Not that I think all of my posts have been magnificent epics, in scope and scale. Far from it. And, yes, I realise this minor post will count towards the target. Yet I like to think that, at least once I hit my stride, they have all been relevant, entertaining, or informative, and not simple preening. By the same measure, I like to think that I have had some adventures that have stood out from the others, or I have written some particularly exciting or entertaining pieces that have found their way to these pages over the years.

I also like to think that there are people out there reading my adventures. I certainly get the occasional comment, or an in-game mail, all of them appreciated, some of them even not from my glorious leader or her legion of alts. And so I come to the point. Rather than trawl through my archives alone to find some of what I think are my better tales, to create a retrospective of my various adventures, it would be lovely to learn which stories my readers have found most entertaing, for any reason, and to share them with me and anyone else reading.

It would be interesting to see what makes a post memorable, and to be reminded myself about adventures perhaps lost in my memory. So please comment, either below or in e-mail, with a link to one or more stories you have particularly enjoyed and I will see if I can make a better celebratory post from the results. Maybe you have questions about what happened that I can answer, or I can try to provide a meta-commentary, or maybe you have general questions about this journal you haven't got around to asking. I'm not quite sure what shape it will take yet. But I know I'd like to see this journal from the eyes of my readers.

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  2. No doubt you will reach 1000 posts and soon as predicted. One of the best account of EVE Online as a journal, written by any blogger that plays the game and from the very far reaches of deep space.

    Even my own EVE journey started somewhere randomly stumbling upon your blog through some random click on a link on someone else blogroll and reading many those posts. I remember the space cadet! I stuck around late at night at work in the quiet hours of the morning that first time reading over a month plus of posting. What struck me at that time was how consistent you were writing your journal. As a result I went back even further and started reading from the very beginning which took me about 2 weeks to catchup gradually often reading the blog just on my Iphone most the time wherever i was when i had a extra couple of minutes. I been along for the adventure since. I would say i learned almost everything i knew about WH's, Exploration and tactics I learned reading your journal.

    For the first few weeks i read your blog I remembered I still wondered if it was really about EVE unless I really looked at the post tags. All you ever mentioned was your daily adventures, never the game itself. It was hard to ever find a actual mention of the game anywhere in the posting. Eventually I figured we were really in the same universe somehow for sure.

    Sometimes I've missed several posts and had to go back several weeks and try to catchup. I've actually still got some catching up to do from this summer. You've remained by far one my favorite blogs to read, i always learn something in each post.

    Over all that time I can say one thing for a fact. Your the most "consistent" EVE Online blogger there is day in day out! And if there was such a award I be hard pressed to think or find anyone else that matches your consistency of posting on daily life from deep space with quality writing. You'll reach that goal soon. Glad to be along for the adventure.

    By Ardent defender on Nov 21, 2011

  3. I loved the recent "Wild corpse chase", for an excellent used of game mechanics finding the wreck and corpse. Likewise your patient stalking of victims.

    And some of your scanning explanations have also been very useful. Eg: Blanket scanning.

    You are great at conveying the "feel" of life in WH space, I really enjoy reading. Keep it up!

    By Btek on Nov 21, 2011

  4. I must say that the one thing I like about your blog is that it is a day to day diary of what happened to you in game. That is one of the things I am trying to do with my blog as well, though you seem to be having better adventures than me at the moment.

    Your writing is very clear and you tend to voice what you are learning from each of your encounters. I very much look forward to lunch time so I can read the next entry of what happened to you today. I assume you must be in the eu timezone as when I read your blog at lunch you have posted it is the evening of that same day.

    Keep up the great blog

    By Zandramus on Nov 21, 2011

  5. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and its content, while not a wormhole dweller myself I enjoy the thouroughness you put into w/h life, bookmarks, and return trips to wormholes you have been in months previously. I admire the frankness to which mistakes and errors are admitted and your never ending hunt for corpses, a macabre pastime which I too partake.

    As for a favourite post? Any one of them where you take a break with a "sammich" is awesome,
    so Sarah Kennedyesque.

    Keep up the good work.


    By Snyperal on Nov 22, 2011

  6. Thanks for all the comments, feedback, and compliments. They are much appreciated and helping to give me ideas.

    By pjharvey on Nov 22, 2011

  7. Like previous posters have mentioned, I enjoy the detail you put into your everyday wormhole life. The narrative you create leaves me wanting to hear more and even think about trying out WH life. Keep up the great work!

    By Theroine on Nov 23, 2011

  8. I really don't have a favorite post, I like them all, only those about music bands confuse me a little, my taste for music being different.
    Your writing style is very enjoyable and the random anger statements, as in "Wild corpse chase" - 'That does it. I’m recovering her corpse so that I can mutilate it in the most horrible ways.' - are such a nice bonus. I wish I could write like that. :)

    Keep on writing Penny and fly dangerous! 07

    By Afandi on Nov 23, 2011


    I always love the dedication for collecting corpses.

    By damikin on Nov 23, 2011

  10. Aww, crap. Wordpress isn't counting post tags the way I expected. The milestone is much sooner than I thought!

    I'd better get writing.

    By pjharvey on Nov 27, 2011

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