Radar sites in low-sec

30th April 2012 – 5.57 pm

Yesterday's exploration took me through many systems but showed me almost nothing. I'm hoping for the opposite today, with a simple constellation and some activity to at least watch voyeuristically. The home system itself holds new rocks and gas but no surprises, pushing me through our static connection to the neighbouring class 3 w-space system. There is a tower and plenty of bubbles visible on my directional scanner from the wormhole, but no sign of any ships. I like to think they're hiding in a anomaly on the other side of the system, but all I find is a quiet spot to launch my probes.

Scanning this C3 gives me a simple constellation indeed, which I can tell even from a rudimentary blanket scan. There is only one anomaly and two signatures to find here, and one of the signatures is our K162. The other signature is the system's static connection, which naturally leads to low-sec empire space. Leaving w-space at least sees no other pilots in the low-sec system, which lets me warp around the asteroid fields until I happen upon a hapless rat battleship, which I pop for what little gain in security status it will grant me.

I may have been looking for a simple w-space constellation today but I was hoping for a little more in the way of exploration. With that in mind, rather than turn around and head home I launch probes in low-sec and continue scanning. Four signatures returned by my probes sounds promising, but there are no more wormholes. All I resolve are radar sites, with a single anomaly adding the full stop to exploring without using stargates. That's okay, though, as I am alone in a dead-end system in Domain, and unlikely to be interrupted.

I head home to swap my scouting boat for a Drake battlecruiser fitted with a codebreaker. I can make a few iskies from the radar sites to while away the evening. At least, that's the plan, but the radar sites aren't really cooperating. There are a few rats to give puny bounties, and some of the cans contain a decryptor or some datacores, but mostly I just find spare parts and am shooting frigates. I only really continue because I've started, but apart from pausing between sites to find a new rat in a rock field I don't think I'm making progress with anything.

My glorious leader turns up soon after I hit the sole anomaly in this system for dessert. The basic site at least bags me a battleship in the final wave of ships, but it's all rather disappointing. Showing she's smarter than me, Fin has been collapsing the wormhole since I gave her the sitrep. I finish the anomaly and return home to finish the wormhole off too. I really should remember that I can collapse wormholes to start again if the initial results don't look good, but I suppose I've had enough results from exploring deeper that I like to exhaust my options first. Then again, I think I did that tonight and still preferred to waste time in low-sec radar sites than collapse the wormhole. Silly me.

The wormhole dies on schedule, Fin and I are both on the right side when it collapses, and we return to the tower to start the evening again. Well, once we recover the Orca from outside the tower's force field, the industrial command ship bouncing off the tower and its high inertia carrying it over thirty kilometres away. Fin strips to her pod to bring the Orca back whilst I scan for the new static wormhole.

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