Ship naming competition results!

28th May 2012 – 5.39 pm

The competition to name my new Loki is over. I first want to say that you are all much better at thinking of ship names than I am. That doesn't make you all winners, though. Ha ha, no! In particular, if Rob ever starts playing EVE Online I will devote time to hunting him down, podding him, and creating a monument with all of his corpses for suggesting the name MCFC whatever. Actually, let me send him a buddy programme invitation. I'll be right back.

On to proper ship names. TGL3's 'SP Loss inbound' is probably quite apt, but I think tempting fate a little too much. Similarly, Kename Fin's suggestions of 'Lusitania', 'Titanic', and 'U571' may well be appropriate ship names for me, but as none of them were made in a comment reply to the post they can't be considered. It also means I won't be accused of favouritism. Well, not for them, anyway.

I have to give kudos to Cyndre for 'Slain by Elf', which pimps my Dungeons and Dragons gaming blog, and would no doubt cause many capsuleers to twitch in minirage about being podded by seemingly an ex-World of Warcraft player. And I was tempted to use 'Я не знаю, что я делаю' from Jhared Skyfire, if only I had any idea how to copy the name across. Ooh, bad luck, Jhared.

Suggesting 'Penny's Sandwich' is nicely shameless from Petra Grubel, showing off that she reads my journal, but a Penny sandwich sounds dirty and not something I would willingly get in to. Both 'Pengu's Revenge' and 'Pointy Thing' are also neat references to my writing, thanks Faedes, just falling short of the cut but definitely worth a mention.

But I can't keep telling you you're all losers. At some point I have to give the ISK away to some lucky punter. And so, because of the pun that combines the type of award I won that spawned this competition and the hopefully deadly firepower of the Loki, I shall be giving 100 million ISK to BugBot and naming my new ship 'PewPewlitzer'.

Congratulations, BugBot! Also, congratulations me! I know that the winner doesn't play EVE Online, which gives me a fabulous excuse to hold on to my iskies whilst maintaining the pretence of generosity. But, of course, that is not fair, and as I have been given a whole host of ship names that are far better than my own attempts I would be remiss not to use them.

Future ships of mine will be called 'Minor Threat', 'Shall We Tango', 'You'll Thank Me Later', and 'Used to be Hip', and they shall each bear the implicit subtitle 'Starry Dynamo in the Machinery of Night' until such a time as the character limit allows that as an actual ship name. For these excellent suggestions, Mac McCrankey, Spudzeebee, Euthen Arran, and Rowan Madeus will all receive 25 million ISK with my thanks. Zoso will get a tiramisu.

And many thanks to everyone for entering the competition and offering some great ship names. I wish I could give you all the 100 million ISK prize, but only because that would make me obscenely rich. But if I find I lose several ships in a row and need some inspiration, which is pretty likely, maybe a few more people will wake up to an unexpectedly blinking wallet.

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  2. Grats and well done to the winners. Also thanks Tiger Ears for taking the time and effort to give even more than blogs to the community! Kudos!

    By Akely on May 28, 2012

  3. Too funny a post!

    By Ardent Defender on May 28, 2012

  4. \o/ I never carry ISK, they spoil the line of my trousers.

    By BugBot on May 28, 2012

  5. Woo! Tiramisu! My favourite sort of virtual space currency!

    By Zoso on May 28, 2012

  6. How about real life Tiramisu consolation prize for all the losers! :P

    By Layckhaie Kaele on May 28, 2012

  7. as a major fan of Iain Banks' science fiction and the wry naming convention he employs for his ships ( it has always been a disappointment that the EVE naming convention is so short ..

    a favourite though is
    "All Through With This Niceness And Negotiation Stuff" ...:)

    By Dybbuch on May 29, 2012

  8. If Banks was a better write he'd be able to create ship names within the 20-character limit.

    I jest. He has the best ship names, as evidenced by my choosing 'You'll Thank Me Later'. It seems apropos for w-space combat.

    Thanks for the comments all, and tiramisu for everyone!

    By pjharvey on May 29, 2012

  9. Cheers, Penny. I'd happily donate all my ISK if we could get Iain Banks playing the game somehow, but given what that would do to his novel output, it's probably better that we don't.

    By Rowan Madeus on May 29, 2012

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