Asset redistribution therapy

1st July 2012 – 3.31 pm

I never learn. I'm sitting in my interceptor on a wormhole, waiting for a covert operations boat to head my way. The only difference this time is that I'm in the same system as my Anathema target, because he's using core scanning probes. The probes won't detect my Malediction, and once they get recalled I can jump through the wormhole to be a more effective ambush. That's assuming the Anathema will come my way, of course. Even without the uncertainty of the ship's appearance I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here. I came on-line with Aii already in our neighbouring class 3 w-space system and scanning, so I hopped across to give him a hand in resolving its static exit to high-sec empire space.

Aii finds a wormhole, just not the exit he was expecting. I jump ahead through the N968 to more class 3 w-space, to look for opportunity. I don't quite find it, only an occupied but inactive system, so I scan. Thirteen signatures get reduced to a single wormhole, a second exit to high-sec, at which point I see this Anathema on my directional scanner, launching scanning probes. I ignore it to start with, because there's little chance of catching it, and exit w-space to see where I appear. The wormhole takes me to Heimatar, and a mere two hops from the Rens market hub.

I could pick up some ammunition. Granted, it would be ammunition for the Loki strategic cruiser that no longer exists, but the temptation to get some is strong. I make the two stargate jumps, dock in Rens, and remember that I'm in my scanning Tengu and not the Crane. My strategic cruiser doesn't have the carrying capacity of a transport ship, somewhat shockingly, and I am forced to leave most of the rounds behind to be picked up another day, whenever we next happen to get an exit close to Rens. And returning to w-space, seeing the core scanning probes whizzing around, is when I get the foolish idea to wait for the Anathema.

I've been waiting a while, continually checking d-scan to watch for the probes' disappearance, or the Anathema's appearance, and not much has been changing. I'm not sure why scanning takes so long, unless capsuleers think they need to resolve each signature to 100% instead of ignoring what is essentially irrelevant to their exploration once its type can be determined. Aii has found the exit in C3a, along with a second K162 he doesn't visit, and says that it leads to Domain, five hops from Amarr. That offers more and better shopping opportunities.

As I think about doing my second foolish act of the evening, the Anathema's probes start converging on the wormhole I'm sitting on. That's encouraging, and maybe I'll wait a little—and they're gone again. Sod it, I'm going home. I ditch the Malediction and board my Crane, load it with loot, salvage, and some spare modules from our hangar, and head out. My first stop is Rens again, where I sensibly pick up the rest of the ammunition whilst it is convenient, and then I'm back to C3b, through C3a, and jumping through an—erk—wobbly wormhole to Domain. The dying wormhole encourages me not to dally.

Because I never learn, which I think I've mentioned, I load the fitting for my dead Loki in to the market quickbar, and start buying. I already have most of the utility modules in my Crane, as spares from out tower's hangar, so I really just need the ship and guns. Besides, I have the ammunition I need, I may as well get the ship to go with it. Buying from the quickbar is, well, quick, and I have completed my purchases whilst still two hops from Amarr. I can relax a bit for the rest of the way, or perhaps chew nervously on my fingernails as I realise I've just bought another overly expensive Loki that I don't know how to fly, without changing the fitting because I didn't know what was wrong with it in the first place. I'm sure this one will work out fine. I have different ammunition.

I dock in Amarr, sell our loot, and stow the Loki and its subsystems in my hold. We made some good profit from Sleepers recently, so I am not actually draining the wallet, although I do feel like I am taking more than my fair share of the proceeds. But I'm just being harsh on myself, as we all contribute to the wallet and all buy what we need from it. As long as I don't die quite so quickly in this Loki then the ISK it cost will be recovered soon enough. And talking about not dying, I'm happy to see the wormhole back to C3a is still there on my return.

I dock and drop off the Loki and its modules in the exit system, and take the Crane home. I note that the other high-sec exit system, close to Rens, is not too far to travel to should this wormhole collapse, but it's still further than the one w-space system. I ditch the Crane, take my pod out to Domain, and put my second Loki together. The pains of taking random spares from the hangar hit me, as I have to repair some seriously overheated modules before I can undock, which is frustrating. But I get my new Loki undocked, and I take Minor Threat in to w-space for the first time. May she last longer than PewPewlitzer.

  1. 2 Responses to “Asset redistribution therapy”

  2. You should try a armor loki, Way more ehp with only a little bit less agility etc.
    Another added benefit is the opening of utility slots in the mids to allow extra web/disrupt.

    By Loki lover on Jul 2, 2012

  3. The Loki already turns like a pig compared to the Tengu, I dunno what armour would do to it. It's worth thinking about, though.

    By pjharvey on Jul 2, 2012

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