Hopping through half-mass holes

18th August 2012 – 3.59 pm

Aii's been busy. Three gas sites have been sucked up in to his ships and presumably dumped in to storage at our tower. I doubt I'll be so busy this evening, being somewhat in pain, but after my recent ransacking of towers in low-sec empire space I feel I should at least check to see how our own tower is doing for fuel. I may enjoy the irony of mocking other people for running out of pellets without making sure we're stocked up, but the reality of losing so much stored capital would sting a little.

Before swinging past the tower I launch probes and scan. A second wormhole joins our static connection, but my directional scanner shows our force field to be currently active. Whoever links to our system hasn't had a chance to smash and grab what they can of ours, at least not yet. And as the home system appears empty of ships I reveal my cloaky Loki to make a rare appearance at our tower with my strategic cruiser, and open the tower's fuel bay. It looks like I have someone watching over me, as the fuel bay is nearly full. That gives us over a month before having to worry about throwing more pellets in to the bay, so I forget about it again and go to see where the second wormhole comes from.

The second wormhole is a K162 from class 6 w-space, sitting at half-mass, making it both deadly and interesting. I poke through to take a look, seeing some unexceptional ships on d-scan along with a tower. My notes for this system are already out of date, as the system was unoccupied ten weeks ago, but it is a simple matter to locate the tower. All of the ships are inside the tower's force field, but none of them are piloted. It could just be a sign that whatever has happened did so some time ago, but I launch probes to scan anyway, wondering if the source of activity is further backwards.

Seven signatures provide me with another wormhole, this one a K162 from class 5 w-space, also sitting at half-mass. Whatever's been moving around has been pretty massive, or there has been plenty of it. Jumping in to C5a potentially finds that mass, as a planet out of d-scan range of the wormhole holds a bunch of ships. An Archon carrier sits piloted along with a Damnation command ship, Noctis salvager, Anathema covert operations boat, and pod, as well as the same number of empty ships. Nothing's happening, though, probably because all the action occurred earlier.

I leave the C5 and C6 behind me and head towards our neighbouring class 3 system, through a static wormhole that is fit and healthy. Maybe the Archon can't squeeze through our static connection, failing to stress it like the others, but I'm not sure why the carrier would come this far if it couldn't go further, as it doesn't look like our anomalies have been pillaged. Maybe he came to suck our gas, and it wasn't all Aii after all. Whatever, I jump to C3a to see what more I can find, hopefully including some activity.

A standard class 3 w-space system is a little disappointing, with a tower and no ships visible on d-scan. A quick look for more wormholes really is a quick look, with only two anomalies and four signatures to resolve, and I find a K162 from class 4 w-space to go with the static exit to low-sec. That's got to be worth a look, although there turns out not to be too much to find, just a couple of towers and no ships. That's it for me. I could scan the C4 to look for another K162, but I could use a lie down. I'm heading home.

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