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22nd August 2012 – 5.51 pm

The Sleepers are out of control. It doesn't seem so long ago that we had an entirely clean system, thanks to our passive activation of mining sites and the occasional fleet stealing our anomalies. Now the sites are returning more quickly than we can kill them. Today sees even more gas and rocks appear in the home w-space system, although the mining sites account for the two extra signatures that need to be accounted for, leaving me with just our static wormhole to explore beyond to look for adventure.

A Proteus strategic cruiser and Abaddon battleship could offer some adventure, as could an Orca industrial command ship and Covetor mining barge. But even though all the ships appear on my directional scanner from the K162 in our neighbouring class 3 system the combat ships are not accompanied by Sleeper wrecks, and neither are there jet-cans to indicate a mining operation in progress. In fact, I suspect the ships are all going to be found at the tower also on d-scan, particularly as opening the system map shows the system to be vast in size, with only the one planet within range.

In a way, it's rather bad luck for a wormhole to spawn within range of the planet holding the tower in a system with a 90 AU radius. Rather than being able to sneak through the wormhole without anyone having much chance of seeing you, each transition has a chance of your ship blipping in someone's d-scan. Then again, if the action is all occurring in distant anomalies, it won't really matter where the wormhole is, and the odds of the ships being piloted at the tower are, well, variable I suppose. Some corporations leave ships scattered around, others tidy them all away. This corporation is a bit of both, as the Proteus is piloted but the others aren't.

So I may have been spotted entering the system, but I suspect not. And one benefit of such a big system is that scanning isn't hampered by the possibility of someone seeing probes. Warping out to launch probes and blanketing the system, as best I can, shows there to be no other obvious ships but those at the tower, which lets me whizz my probes around this C3 without the Proteus pilot being aware I'm scanning. I bookmark the thirty-one anomalies and resolve all fifteen signatures in the hopes that the pilot becomes active, giving me perfect ambush opportunities. I scan ladar sites, radar sites, I watch as the Proteus goes off-line, and I'm left scanning more ladar and radar sites for no real purpose.

I suppose it's no surprise that the Proteus pilot wasn't going to do anything, not with so many sites left unused in the system. As I've taken the time to resolve all the sites in this system I do the locals a favour and activate them all, with Aii's help, because there are quite a few. It dries up my capacitor quickly, but within a few days this system will be close to deserted of Sleeper presence, making sitting inactive in the tower feel much less wasteful than it must do now. I don't leave my contact details, as I don't do this for the thanks. It's just what I do. Mostly out of spite.

Having activated all the sites in C3a, I exit through its sole connection to low-sec empire space. Hello, Aridia, my old friend. It's been a while, but it seems you're as dreary as always. Other pilots inexplicably in the system stop me ratting, and scanning only resolves rocks, more rocks, Blood Raiders, and a ladar site. It's all rather disappointing, much like returning to w-space to see no change in the dull class 3 system. I don't think I really mind, though, as I feel like crap anyway. Having little to do gives me a good excuse to head home, hide, and go off-line for a lie down.

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  2. "I don't leave my contact details, as I don't do this for the thanks. It's just what I do. Mostly out of spite." I love this. I may start sending CEO's a mail seeing if they'd like to donate some ISK to me for activating all their sites for them when I'm done exploring. =)

    By Gerandor on Aug 23, 2012

  3. I bet they'd be pleased with you, Ger, reducing the amount of scanning they'd need to do each day.

    By pjharvey on Aug 29, 2012

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