Getting lucky in high-sec

4th October 2012 – 5.56 pm

'What's happening?' Fin sounds just like me, but I can't answer her question as I've only just turned up myself. Some bookmarks remain from earlier, which Fin made, and we should have a few hours left on our static connection and, hopefully, the other wormholes she found. Fin spent a bit of time chasing a hauler back then, resolving what she thought was the wormhole the industrial ship was using only to find a second one after it warped past her in our neighbouring class 3 w-space system. Maybe we can catch it going out on another trip.

I make a quick scan of the home system to make sure we'll have no surprises, and on seeing no new signatures we both head to C3a. A tower, static exit to high-sec, and K162 from class 2 w-space are all bookmarked, but only the first two remain applicable. The C2 K162 has imploded, either from age or with help from massive ships, and that probably means we won't see any haulers passing through now. Then again, the locals to this C3 could still wake up and act carelessly, and there could also be new connections to find.

Checking the tower finds no one home, which makes this a good time to scan. I bookmark nine anomalies and sift through the ten signatures, soon resolving two wormholes that are too chubby to be a high-sec exit. They are both K162 connections, and both coming from low-sec empire space. Fin checks the exits, one coming from a faction warfare system in the Placid region, the other a second faction warfare system but in Black Rise, as I continue to scan. A third wormhole has the athletic build of the static wormhole, and a fourth turns out to be a K162 from high-sec. Otherwise it's just gas, gas, and more gas.

The connections are a little disappointing, with none of them continuing the w-space constellation, but at least we have options. Fin jumps through the static exit to appear in Domain, a handful of hops from Amarr, and the high-sec K162 also comes from Domain but is a little further from Amarr. Fin decides that the convenience of this connection and lack of activity makes it a good time to haul out some accumulated loot, as well as bring home some more parts for Project Capital. Personally, I'd rather scan for more wormholes.

One extra signature in the second system in Domain is only a magnetometric site, which I ignore. I cross C3a and exit to the other system in Domain, taking care not to engage the Iteron using the same wormhole for fear of angering my glorious leader piloting it, and scan again. Three additional signatures sounds promising, but they are only a Sansha site, some rocks, and a magnetometric site. Well, I say 'only a Sansha site', but the 3/10 DED rating makes me curious to see if it will let my strategic cruiser in to play. It does, excellent. Now let's see if my cloaky Loki can take the abuse it is about to receive.

There are only frigates to start with, plus a few missile batteries, and my Loki holds up just fine. Activating the second acceleration gate flings me to even more frigates, and now my Loki struggles a little. My guns pop the tiny ships pretty quickly, which takes down the incoming damage soon enough, but it's only when my shields are sitting at 19% strength that equilibrium is reached, and that's with maybe a fifth of the Sansha frigates remaining. But as my shields are holding I don't have to warp out, and I pop pop pop the final frigates to clear the site.

I don't expect to find much amongst the wreckage, but I take a look at the single different ship floating amongst the thirty identical wrecks. And I get quite a surprise. The Centii adaptive nano-plating looks pretty swish, and I get another surprise when I see that it is a meta 13 module! This is quite a find, and worth more than the loot we can gather from one of our best w-space anomalies in the home system. It's also a pretty decent module, so I should probably think about fitting it to one of our ships. It goes to show that sometimes you can get lucky even in high-sec.

  1. 3 Responses to “Getting lucky in high-sec”

  2. Just never can tell when your gonna get lucky!

    By Ardent Defender on Oct 4, 2012

  3. Holy smoke!

    Never found anything like that in hisec, in 4 years!

    Very nice

    By Knug Lidi on Oct 4, 2012

  4. I didn't know what I was looking at to start with, because I simply didn't expect to see that type of module. Lucky, indeed!

    By pjharvey on Oct 5, 2012

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