Dullness in scanning

6th January 2013 – 3.57 pm

Fin's here, as is another new signature. The home system today holds a K162 wormhole from class 5 w-space, so I separate from my glorious leader to see what trouble I can find for the pair of us. Not much, at least not from the other side of the wormhole. My directional scanner showing me a tower, Cheetah covert operations boat, and two drones is far from inspirational, but it could be an indication that there is another wormhole to uncover.

I launch probes, blanket the system, and locate the tower to see the Cheetah piloted. Probes are on d-scan now too, and I check to make sure they're not mine. I should maybe take care, but I suppose a scout actively scanning will be a little distracted. As if to prove the point, as I start sifting through the messy system of twenty anomalies and twenty-two signatures, the Cheetah disappears and I have no idea if he went off-line or warped and cloaked. I was ignoring him anyway, I suppose.

Two more wormholes in C5a hit both ends of the spectrum, with a K162 from class 6 w-space joined by a K162 from high-sec. I continue ignoring the lack-of-Cheetah, the probes perhaps belonging to another scout, and continue through w-space to C6a. D-scan is clear in deadly w-space, although it doesn't cover much of the 65 AU diameter system. Exploring finds three towers spread across two planets, holding only a shuttle and Hyperion battleship, although the battleship is piloted. I don't think that matters, really, as it's not moving.

I scan again, in a slightly tidier system of eight anomalies and thirteen signatures, and not as distracted as before. When the Hyperion pilot goes off-line, I see him go off-line. Whatever, Hyperion pilot, I've found a K162 from class 4 w-space. But my enthusiasm wanes as I enter an unoccupied and inactive C4, a passive scan for anomalies turning up as empty as d-scan. I feel I have more scanning to do, and at least there are only five signatures to sift through. Rocks, rocks, rocks, and... rocks? I suppose the connecting wormhole was collapsed after the anomalies were purged—or on finding none to purge.

I'm in a dead end, leaving me little option but to head homewards. Fin's already hopped ahead to our neighbouring C3, where a lack of ships has her scanning. I pass through C6a, C5a, and home without seeing a single change, and leapfrog Fin as she resolves a K162 from class 5 w-space in the C3. A tower and no ships seems about right for tonight in C5b, and although scanning finds one other wormhole in the five anomalies and twelve signatures, it is a crappy K162 from null-sec k-space.

Fin's scanning ends too, with just C3a's static exit to low-sec waiting to be found, so I take the meagre offering of the K162 and jump to null-sec. Scalding Pass. I had one of them made at me once, and, no, I didn't want any coffee, jerk. One red in local deters me from trying to rat, and my desire to scan has been whittled down by a lack of results. Fin's luck is running dry too, finding only sites in low-sec, leaving us to check backwards from home to look for changes in activity. None are found, not in C5b, C3a, home, C5a, or C6a. It's all quiet tonight. Never mind, maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow.

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