The only wormhole in the sector

10th April 2013 – 5.47 pm

I'm up and about early again, hoping to sneak in to another capsuleer's system to catch them unawares. Planet gooing or salvaging Sleepers—or even actively engaging Sleepers—I don't really mind, as long as it's an activity I can interrupt with explosions, preferably theirs. A new signature in the home system offers hope that someone looking for Sleepers has found their way to our system, but resolves to be Sleepers protecting rocks in a gravimetric site instead. With one way to go I resolve our static wormhole and jump to the neighbouring class 3 w-space system.

Well, there may be no planet goo being collected at the moment, but those combat ships look appealing. A Raven battleship, Tengu strategic cruiser, and Drake and Hurricane battlecruiser all look like they could be up to something, but the Falcon recon ship and complete lack of wrecks visible on my directional scanner are contra-indicative to Sleeper slaying. I suppose they're either waiting for specific or speculative reasons somewhere, or sitting at the tower also on d-scan.

Locating the tower in C3a is straightforward enough, where I can see that all of the ships are indeed disappointingly but unsurprisingly empty of other pilots. I am rather early, after all. It's not like I don't encounter this situation even during peak times, and without much further thought I warp away from the tower, launch probes, and perform a blanket scan of the system. Twenty-one anomalies and fifteen signatures make for a messy system. As I know I won't be around later I am looking for wormholes only, however much I want to activate all the redundant sites of gas and rock resources. The anomalies I can do, though, leaving behind a mess of labels in the system map as I exit through the sole wormhole to low-sec empire space.

The system in Placid looks pretty boring to me, and scanning doesn't change my opinion, revealing a ladar site and a Serpentis Outpost. And that looks like that. I've hit the end of the constellation already. I suppose I could hop through a stargate. I may not be a fan of low-sec space, but I'm less of a fan of doing nothing. I accept the admittedly low risk of running in to a gate camp, further mitigating any risk by picking a sensible direction to head, and hop through a stargate to scan a second system.

The second system has a sole signature to resolve, which I almost do. I get far enough to see that it is a magnetometric site, at which point I lose interest. But that gate jump was uneventful enough to spur me in to doing it a second time. Hop. But scanning this third system finds nothing. Not a single signature for me to idly whittle down from a red dot, to yellow triangle, perhaps teasing me with its misleading 'unknown' type, before finally revealing itself to be drones mechanically mocking me.

I consider briefly collapsing our static wormhole to take a repeat look around a w-space constellation, but instead take the barren space as a sign. Nothing's out here at the moment. I'm up too early. I still head back to w-space, though, as I'm not staying out here. The stargates present minimal risk again, ships sensibly not appearing from nowhere, understanding that there are better activities than waiting for the no one in the vastness of space to stumble through the wrong interlink. I don't even pause at the tower in C3a, d-scan already showing me the lack of change in the system, as I head home. But I'm getting the shakes again. I need to find someone to shoot soon.

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