More wormholes than ships

12th April 2013 – 5.48 pm

I have a bookmark to delete. I should have done it earlier, noting that the wormhole is no longer present, but narrowly jumping back through it as the Thanatos carrier crashed the connection distracted me a little. I'm feeling more relaxed now, so I update the bookmark, and I update glorious leader Fin, who has used my earlier scanning to hit high-sec. I follow behind her as far as I'm comfortable with, which means jumping through the K162 in the home system to the connected class 2 w-space system, which holds the exit to high-sec. That's as close as I'll get to empire space for now.

C2a looks almost the same as it did before. A tower, big ships. That Bhaalgorn is new, though, and I'm almost wishing Fin were closer in case the faction battleship were active, but a lack of Sleeper wrecks suggests otherwise. But a new ship means a new contact, so I warp to the tower to keep tabs on, well, no one. The battleship is unpiloted. That's weird. Did someone come on-line just to eject another big ship to float temptingly inside the tower's force field? Evidently. It must be relatively recently done too, as Fin, on her return, asks me if the Bhaalgorn is new. Seems so.

I ignore C2a's lack of pilots and head home, having more options to explore. Not better options, mind you, as our neighbouring class 3 w-space system is unoccupied and leads to null-sec drone space, and the K162 from class 5 w-space was merely a bridging system to the earlier scouts from a second C5. But C5a at least has a tower, so I pop in to see if anything's happening. A Tengu strategic cruiser is idling inside the force field, if that counts. And it's doesn't, not really. But having potential activity around us is frustrating. There's nothing we can poke with sticks, but we are taking a serious risk if we try to be industrious instead.

The good news is that the class 5 system's static wormhole has the same characteristics as our own, and my cloaky Loki strategic cruiser dropped the connection to its half-mass state on my transit. That will make it easier to collapse, and we can do that in tandem with killing our own static wormhole, leaving us a fresh constellation to explore. Oh, except for the K162 to C2a. Hmm. It's not a great idea, but it's good enough for Fin to run with. She throws an Orca back-and-forth in the home system, between our static wormhole and the K162 to C5a, calling me back from watching the Tengu do nothing before I get isolated. Two wormholes are collapsed with little fuss.

We still have the C2 K162 at home, but that's okay. We also have a new static wormhole to find, and hopefully a different class 3 system beyond it. And, it seems, another K162 to find in the home system, as an unexpected unknown signature crops up as I'm scanning for the new static wormhole. We have a second C2 K162 at home now. At least we weren't interrupted when killing the other wormholes, I suppose, but just when we think we're plugging the holes we spring another leak.

I may as well see what's in C2b, particularly as there could actually be pilots there. Or, you know, nothing. There's a tower but no ships, and scanning for K162s only finds one coming from high-sec. It looks like a tourist came this way and went straight back to a space station. Another system to ignore. I jump home, warp, and enter C3a through our static wormhole, where my directional scanner is disappointingly clear of ships and occupation again. My combat scanning probes don't change the picture, with twelve anomalies and twenty-five signatures giving the system an unkempt feel.

Let me scan for K162s, quick quick. There's the static exit to low-sec, which is fine but not interesting. A second wormhole is a K162, coming from more class 2 w-space, followed by three more K162s, all opened from null-sec k-space. One w-space connection gives me an obvious direction to travel. C2c should have a tower within d-scan range from the wormhole, from my notes that are only three months old, but that's gone, and cleanly too. Other occupation has taken its place, found by a bit of exploration, and my probes show me three anomalies, four signatures, and one ship.

The ship is a Drake, the battlecruiser nestled inside one of three towers' force fields, piloted but doing little more than gazing wistfully at the starlight. Unlike the Tengu, the Drake has solo utility in its home system, making me think it's worth watching for a while. But not for long. I don't find serenity in staring at inactivity for long periods of time, although it's quite relaxing watching you sleep. But I've said too much, and spent long enough waiting for the Drake to move. He's not going anywhere. Unlike me. I'm going home.

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