Starting by scanning a stub

30th April 2013 – 5.52 pm

I'm off for an early stroll through the constellation, maybe murder someone who crosses my path and carry their corpse back with me to perform unspeakable acts of tea-partying with it. Nothing sinister, you understand. Have I mentioned before how plans never seem to get past the first step? Well, I stall before even that point today. I again forget that I collapsed our static wormhole mid-evening yesterday, which means its replacement lingers a little longer than it takes for me to sleep, eat, and kickstart a Minmatar ship.

I'll read for a bit. Collapsing the wormhole sounds too much like effort, and the neighbouring system wasn't exciting enough for me to risk isolation by seeing if anyone's awake and active. And there she goes. It takes a little while before I hear the sucking sound of a wormhole imploding, no doubt created by my sensors unless the theory of aether was right all along, and I draw my attention away from my very important researching of cats on the internet to scan for its replacement.

Resolving the wormhole and jumping to the new class 3 w-space system has my directional scanner show me a tower with ships. I'm almost excited already by this unusual occurrence. The Tengu strategic cruiser and Hurricane battlecruiser could feasibly be shooting Sleepers, even if the Flycatcher interdictor won't be, but as there are no wrecks I'm happy to simply entertain the possibility of imminent activity for the moment. As it turns out, there are no Sleeper wrecks because there are no pilots in those ships, all three floating empty in the tower's force field.

I warp out, launch scanning probes, and blanket the system. Eight anomalies and twelve signatures are no barrier to continued exploration, and amongst the usual sites the static exit to low-sec empire space pops up as nicely as a static exit to low-sec empire space can. A K162 from null-sec is made duller for being at the end of its life, and most interesting by far is the outbound connection to class 2 w-space. I have myself a proper constellation forming.

Jumping to C2a has nothing appear on d-scan from the wormhole, the tower that was present fifteen months ago torn down cleanly, and a single planet with moons sitting out of d-scan range doesn't hold newer occupation. I'm back to scanning, looking for the class 2 w-space and low-sec static connections, but specifically the former. Two wormholes are resolved, and knowing the propensity of class 2 w-space systems to reach out and grab other systems I keep going. But, in this instance, there are no more wormholes to find. Never mind. Onwards!

No, backwards! The wormhole to further w-space does indeed lead to a second C2, and I would like to press on, but the connection is at the end of its life and not really suitable for exploration. The exit to low-sec is healthy, as it was in C3a, but I don't care to scan low-sec for further wormholes right now. I think I'd prefer a sammich, mostly because waiting for our own connection to die took a bit longer than my glossing over perhaps hinted at. But I'm content with this little expedition. I have some space to roam later, hopefully along with a new connection to class 2 w-space.

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