When high-sec is more interesting than w-space

22nd June 2013 – 3.45 pm

Empty system, empty Penny. Launching scanning probes to search for civilisation finds a K162 from class 2 w-space, which is a fair start, particularly seeing that if our home system is one of C2a's static wormholes then the other will lead to high-sec. Jumping through the K162 doesn't look immediately positive, though, as I appear in the system over eight kilometres from the wormhole. Still, there is a tower and ships visible on my directional scanner. Maybe they've just not come this way for a while.

I've been to C2a before, four months ago, and the tower location listed in my notes looks good. I warp there as a Badger hauler appears newly in the system, which I see arrive at the tower, perhaps having returned from high-sec. The pilot of the hauler swaps to a Nighthawk command ship and warps right back out to empty space, probably to the same wormhole. As the only other ship piloted inside the force field is a Vagabond heavy assault cruiser, and that is doing nothing, I doubt there is any real activity occurring. I warp out, launch probes, and perform a blanket scan of the system.

Holy crap, forty-three anomalies is a lot. Thankfully there are only eleven signatures, which will make scanning less of a chore. Concentrating my probes in the rough direction the Nighthawk warped resolves a wormhole, but a K162 from high-sec that's at the end of its life. I suppose the command ship came this way if their static wormhole leads somewhere isolated, but I'll keep looking anyway. A second wormhole that leads out to class 5 w-space is curious. Now I see rocks, rocks, a second K162 from high-sec but healthy, rocks, rocks, and what must be the second static exit leading out to null-sec.

C2a's connection to our home system must be anomalous, given the other outbound wormholes to class 5 w-space and null-sec. And opening the system map sees that the second high-sec K162 is on a similar vector to the first, dying one. I imagine the Nighthawk went through the healthy wormhole, so I do too, appearing in a system in The Bleak Lands. Yep, this is certainly high-sec space. This was fun, we should do it again some time. Actually, I could do with moving a few items around, so spend a bit of time doing so, which is necessary if not particularly interesting.

Back to w-space and C2a, and new ships and pilots are in the tower. A Tengu and two Loki strategic cruisers are all piloted, as is a Viator transport ship, but they are indeed all at the tower and not doing anything interesting. Maybe someone needs to explain to them what anomalies are and how you can profit from shooting the Sleepers and looting their wrecks. Well, maybe profit is the wrong word when someone like me is stalking them at the time, but still. The theory is sound.

A couple more ships appear at the tower, either come on-line or returned from high-sec and... nothing. The Vagabond even comes back from, well, wherever he went, and the Sleipnir logistics ship and Cheetah covert operations boat are new. Some activity would be new too, but I don't think I'm going to see it. Watching ships do nothing but occasionally appear from the high-sec wormhole is pretty boring. I'm going home.

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