Mostly finding wormholes

21st September 2013 – 3.43 pm

Nothing to see here. Move along. And not much to see through our static wormhole, either. The neighbouring class 3 w-space system has the standard tower and lack of ships that is becoming more common, and performing a blanket scan reveals a meagre two anomalies and five signatures. Still, scanning them resolves nothing but wormholes, which is not as bleak as I was expecting. The static exit to low-sec is joined by a K162 also from low-sec, a K162 from null-sec, and a K162 from class 2 w-space. It's a nice selection.

I'll poke the exits first. The U210 leads to Heimatar, where no one is in the system in the middle of nowhere. Heading back to C3a and out through the K162 to low-sec plants me six hops from the other exit, in a more fashionable district of Heimatar, if the eleven pilots in the system are any gauge. It's still not interesting to me, though. The null-sec connection in C3a takes me to a system in Stain, where being alone encourages me to find a rat to pop for a gain in security status, although a lack of other signatures stops me scanning.

Engaging a Plague Lord rat in Stain

And now to continue the exciting w-space adventures of Penny Ibramovic. Updating my directional scanner from the wormhole in C2a has nothing appear, but there's more to see in the system and I warp around to explore after launching probes. My notes have details of occupation that has been replaced by a different corporation, and tells me that I found a wormhole to class 5 w-space the last time I was here. But I came through a wormhole that connects to class 3 w-space today. The veracity of my notes will be straightforward to check, with only two anomalies and four signatures to scan.

All the signatures are wormholes again. This is a rare occasion. The K162 from class 4 w-space looks good, and the other two wormholes are definitely the static connections, leading to class 5 w-space and null-sec, with the link to C3a being a random connection. Popping out to null-sec again puts me in Geminate this time, again alone, so again I rat. How exciting. Once back in C2a I go back in a different sense to C4a.

A Helios covert operations boat and three towers light up d-scan. Be still my beating heart. There's nothing else to see in the system, and the two anomalies and three signatures this time hold no more wormholes, just gas, which I determine even with the Helios being piloted at one of the towers. He's probably asleep anyway, the system being so dull. I'm leaving.

Onwards to C5a, where I expect I'll have plenty more opportunity to scan. D-scan is clear, a magnetar adds some extra light, and one planet out of range holds a tower empty of ships. Seven anomalies and three signatures give me just wormholes for a third time in an evening, letting me enjoy good scanning results even if there is no one left around to witness it. Another K162 from null-sec this time comes from Oasa, but seeing a couple of pilots in the system deters me from ratting. That's okay, as the static wormhole in C5a takes me down a w-space class to a C4 system.

Jumping to C4b is occupied but inactive, just like the others, making me think that I should consider winding the evening down. But as my notes point to a static connection to class 3 w-space I'm tempted to push through to the next system, which is likely to be a dead end. The fifteen anomalies and seven signatures are no impediment either, particularly when the C247 I'm looking for is the same type as our own static connection, so I know just what I'm looking for. And there it is, first choice.

C3b mixes it up a bit by having two towers lacking ships, but the mere three anomalies and three signatures encourages me to see scanning through to the end. I launch probes and resolve, well, two more wormholes, one of them having a weak signature. I'm kinda hoping that I'm looking at a K162 from low-sec and static exit to null-sec, just so I have some resolution, so it's almost a shame to drop out of warp next to a U210. That static exit to low-sec will make the other wormhole an outbound connection to more w-space. Damn.

The second wormhole is an N770 link to class 5 w-space, which itself will link to at least one more w-space system. Actually, space, I didn't want to start exploring down another chain of systems so late in to the evening, although I appreciate the opportunity. And, of course, I can't resist taking a peek through the already-scanned wormhole. Occupied and inactive. Okay, that's game over. Time to go home. From C5b, to C3b, C4b, C5a, C2a, C3a, and home. All quiet, all dull.

W-space constellation schematic

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