Rejected by w-space

6th October 2013 – 3.52 pm

Aii's here, but is Aii really here? I have no idea, as he's not responding to me. That makes him similar to almost every capsuleer in and out of New Eden, so I won't hold it against him, and merely assume that's he's distracted. It happens. I also think it's safe to scan the home system, as I can't see his ship either on my directional scanner or under my combat scanning probes, and the corporate bookmarks are yet to be refreshed.

Scanning finds some new gas to replace the sites that have since dissipated, which should please Aii's industrial nature when I can get his attention. Or, indeed, him back to w-space, if he's gone out again. Otherwise, it's just me and our static wormhole, giving me one direction to head to look for activity and excitement.

Jumping to the neighbouring class 3 w-space system has a Russian canister on d-scan but nothing else, with two planets sitting out of range. My notes say there is a static exit to null-sec in the system and not much else, but that was two years ago, so I launch probes, blanket the system, and explore. Four anomalies, seven signatures; no ships, no occupation. You win again, notes. It's just me and space.

Sifting through the signatures doesn't give me much more than space either, with some pockets of gas, a data site, and the static wormhole to keep my attention. So with that, I'm leaving. I jump to null-sec and get plonked in to Fountain, alone in the system. I'll rat and scan, I suppose. Two extra signatures give me a combat site and a wormhole, which would be neater if the wormhole didn't connect to low-sec empire space.

Whatever, it's a wormhole, which makes it preferable to a stargate. I leave null-sec the easy way to find myself in Metropolis, with three pilots in the local system with me and two more signatures to resolve. A combat site and a data site. How dreary. You know, I think I'm taking a shine to stargates after all.

I pop back to null-sec and hop to an adjacent system to look for more wormholes. I find a system with pilots and a station, and the one signature is just another combat site. Moving on again has one pilot, three signatures: one combat, site two data sites. I'm not giving up, not with a few more systems in this little ring of null-sec, so I hop another stargate.

Simple ratting in null-sec

At least I'm alone in this system, giving me another opportunity to gain a little more security status. I pop a rat whilst resolving the three signatures—be lucky, you bastards—and get only a combat site, some gas, and a relic site. Where are all the wormholes? Not in the next and final system, where there aren't even any signatures, that's for sure. I pop a rat, head back to C3a, and jump home to quietly mope after having been rejected by w-space.

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