Can't crash, won't crash

27th January 2014 – 5.55 pm

It's still just me in the home w-space system. I'll have to make my own entertainment. My plan to resolve our static wormhole and jump to the neighbouring class 3 system goes awry, though. Making it part step one of the plan is pretty good for us, but I drop out of warp next to a dying wormhole. Who did that? Bastards. I suppose I'll just have to smother it and finish the job.

Or I could wait and watch the wormhole die of natural causes. There's clearly no corresponding connection in the home system, nothing an earlier scout would have used to come through to get here and open our static wormhole. Did they forcefully collapse their own connection, or has that one only recently died of old age itself? If the latter, our own wormhole shouldn't be long for this galaxy. If the former, I could be waiting a couple of hours or more.

I'm not waiting for the wormhole to die. I'm here for adventure, so I'll have myself an adventure. I warp back to our tower, grab an Orca industrial command ship from a hangar, and warp back to the static wormhole to begin mass-stressing it. I jump out, update my directional scanner to see a tower and no ships, and the wormhole lives long enough to bring me back home. First round trip complete.

As I wait for my polarisation to dissipate, I check my notes on the class 3 system we connect to, however briefly. A previous visit from nineteen months ago doesn't tell me much, but it does point out that the system holds a static exit to null-sec k-space. That may explain why whoever came through here took a dislike to the termination of the w-space constellation.

Polarisation effects gone, it's time for another pass through the wormhole, this time in a Widow black ops ship. The wormhole shrinks to its half-mass state, which means I complete the collapse by repeating the two round trips, in reverse order. Another wave of polarisation ends, I take the Widow out, and I think I come back. I'm not sure, not with this 'socket closed' error disconnecting me from space.

The socket was closed, the wormhole was not. I return to space to be in the home system, in the Widow. I swap back to the Orca, ensure I'm not polarised, and jump through the wormhole for the final round trip. I think. That is, I think I jump through the wormhole, I'm not entirely sure. Traffic control is holding me up for some reason. Will I be allowed home before the wormhole collapses? I dunno, not when the socket closes again.

You're not my supervisor!

I rush to get my systems back on-line, which involves wondering which system I'm in on my return. Home. That's comforting, at least. How about the wormhole? Still there, and now in a critical state. I think I have traffic control to blame for that, as I have no idea if the mass-adding pulse of the Orca's micro warp drive was taken in to account on the final, fated jump. Probably not.

I'll be bollocked if I try to kill a critically destabilised wormhole safely this evening. I'm getting frustrated enough just jumping through a wormhole normally. On top of that, if my ship isn't stable enough to jump through a wormhole, what will it be like roaming for targets? It's irritating but, having had the marvellous experience of not quite collapsing a wormhole and resetting my ship's systems several times, I think I'll just cut my losses and go off-line.

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  2. Huge battles in null sec cause a lot of trouble even in WH space...

    By Hana on Jan 28, 2014

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