No one and nothing, even in null-sec

23rd February 2014 – 3.50 pm

Holy crap, there is no one around. Rarely are there times like this. I hope it's not a general indication of w-space activity, but let's find out. It's even just me and the wormhole, Aii having sucked up yesterday's gas quite efficiently, so I am soon jumping to the neighbouring class 3 system and punching my directional scanner for an update.

Clear. Has there been a mass exodus? Nobody tells me nothin'. A blanket scan has anomalies and signatures all over the bloody place, but no ships. My notes suggest occupation, my probes thumb their probe noses at my notes and point towards a different planet with structures scattered around it. But warping across that way shows that notes and probes are both wrong, as the tower here is old and off-line.

I start sifting through the thirty anomalies and sixteen signatures, unfortunately only with an expectation of resolving the weak wormhole signature of a K346 exit to null-sec. There it is, about 7 AU from our K162. Are there others? Why yes, a chubby wormhole too. Maybe there will be adventure tonight after all.

Checking the null-sec exit first throws me out to a system in Insmother, where there is one extra signature and a handful of pilots who are just leaving. I can't resist looking for a rat to pop in the now-empty system, changing my mind moments later when a new pilot wanders in. Okay, whatever. Back to C3a and across to the other wormhole. Ah, a K162 from null-sec. That's funny.

The K162 comes from Syndicate. I know this because I was there only recently and recognise the colours. Jumping to the null-sec system sees a bunch of probably active pilots, which is encouragement enough to head back through C3a to Insmother and launch probes to see what this other signature is. It's a combat site. How dreary.

What to do. I suppose I may as well hop a stargate. It seems to be all the rage in Insmother at the moment, as the intermittent flow of pilots in and out continues to deter my ratting. Yes, I'll go with the flow, and pick a direction and see where it takes me. It takes me to a system with nothing. No anomalies, no signatures. But no pilots, enough time to find and pop a rat battleship, and more stargates.

Ratting in null-sec

Another hop to a different null-sec system and still no signatures. I'll try one more. Hop. Alone and two extra signatures! Launch probes, find a rat, and scan. The rock field I warp to has two battleships with a frigate escort each this time, but sadly the signatures resolve to be a combat and data site. Oh well, at least I looked, but home I go. Space feels a bit empty today.

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