Getting pilots home

25th February 2014 – 5.53 pm

The class 5 w-space system fleet got their kill, not me but Fin, and also killed their wormhole. That leaves us with probably a stale constellation through our static wormhole—after all, they merely used it to transport goods, not to roam—and some colleagues to bring home. Still, a lack of activity in the w-space constellation will make the task of scanning an exit simple and quick.

I warp to our wormhole and jump to the neighbouring class 3 system where I see, of course, no activity. Even with a tower and no ships visible on my directional scanner I have no qualms about launching probes on the wormhole today, as I doubt there is anyone watching. A blanket scan reveals two anomalies and five chubby signatures, making scanning a quick prospect indeed.

Three wormholes are resolved: the static exit to low-sec, a disappointing N968 outbound link to more class 3 w-space, and a K162 from low-sec. I check both exits first to give my colleagues early options, the static wormhole being a poor exit to Pout in Khanid, and the K162 also being a poor choice in coming in from a system in Heimatar. There are other signatures to check in both low-sec systems, but the odds are that any wormholes will lead back to w-space. Best to check C3b and its static exit first.

Again, d-scan shows me a tower and no ships, and again I'll simply launch probes and scan. Seven anomalies, five signatures. Another three wormholes resolved, one from a weak signature. The devil man in the static exit to low-sec indicates another connection to Heimatar, so I'm already supposing that link will be poor. The second wormhole is a critically destabilised K162 from class 5 w-space, and despite the possibility of k-space connections in C5 space I don't fancy risking the critical wormhole.

I check the low-sec system in Heimatar anyway, and it doesn't provide a better route than the other connections. There are more signatures again, but I don't really have it in me to scan empire signatures right now. For completion, I check the outbound connection in C3b, and it's an N770 wormhole to class 5 w-space. Well, there could be empire links in there, but it could also lead to a chain of C5 space and lots of scanning. I think I'll leave it alone.

I'll concentrate on helping Aii and Fin get home safely, which seems like a good goal for the evening. Without a good route they've picked the best option and are heading to C3a's static exit, which reconnoitring a second time now sees it at the end of its life. It wasn't ten minutes ago, leaving it with plenty of time for my colleagues to get here and through it. I jump through to monitor the low-sec system, and whilst I'm here I may as well take the time to scan and possibly find a better route.

Three extra signatures give me wormhole—and I realise I'm in Pout in Khanid and not the Heimatar system, silly Penny—wormhole, wormhole. All three are K162s, one from class 2 w-space, one from class 3 w-space, the last from null-sec. The null-sec wormhole comes from Wicked Creek, the wormhole to C3c leads to a system over 160 AU across that I don't care to try to scan, and jumping to C2a sees a tower with no ships on d-scan.

I could scan further, but my idly passing the time has Fin now returned to w-space with Aii in tow. That's mission accomplished, and with nothing found to encourage me to stay up any later I head back home myself.

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