Poking around high-sec

21st June 2014 – 3.48 pm

There are no oranges in the high-sec exit from our neighbouring class 3 w-space system. Whoever was here earlier has gone... somewhere else. Maybe he's returned home. Jumping through the wormhole to check gives me some minor excitement, as I find the drones that I now remember where left scattered on the wormhole long before I exited. They aren't actually ships waiting for me. Besides, I'm on a high-sec wormhole, how much danger can I be in?

Updating my directional scanner, once the drones are identified and ignored, sees the Maelstrom battleship still in the system. The Gnosis battlecruiser has gone, and not to an anomaly on the edge of the system. Just gone. There are no new signatures in the system, and none were in the exit system either. I was, however, paying mild attention on my way back from Dodixie, and a system one hop down had a signature. That looks like my best option for the moment, so I exit w-space again and hop a stargate.

I launch probes and scan the lone signature, easily identifying a combat site before I can get interested. But I'm out and active now, I should go with the momentum. I check my star map, pick an adjacent system, and hop through another stargate. No signatures. Hop. Nope. Hop, hop. Still nothing. There are slim pickings in Gallente space this evening.

Another stargate hopped and this time I see a result. A good result. A suspiciously good result, although I have deliberately aimed for dead-end systems, hoping most pilots won't have a need to come this way. There was nothing in the first dead end, but this one has a dozen signatures to scan. Let's do it.

Oh, balls. This is an academy system, the signatures all training sites. Well, eight of them are, all resolved when barely waving my probes in their direction. That's not to say there aren't other, more specific signatures in the system. I'm sure I've exited a wormhole in to an academy system before. Still, the other signatures being three combat sites and one data site kinda hints that I won't be resolving any wormholes.

Moving on. Hop, hop, and three signatures outside of an academy system. Probes are launched and focussed around the signatures, the first resolving to be a weak wormhole, which is almost a good result. The other two are a combat and data site each, so the outbound wormhole will have to do. I warp across to see where I'm going, and, bloody hell, it's a V283 connection to null-sec.

The wormhole doesn't go to w-space, but it's stable and an option, and as high-sec isn't giving me much to do I shall exercise this option. I jump through the wormhole in to a system in the Delve region, where no one else is around and there are two extra signatures. I can rat and scan. Actually, no, I can scan, but my new ship isn't really a ratting boat. That's not a problem, I suppose, as long as I find other legitimate targets.

Loki and Golem going in to w-space

Scanning the null-sec system only uncovers yet another combat site and some relics. Exploring just isn't working for me tonight, and there doesn't seem to be much point in pressing it. Hopefully there will be more wormhole activity tomorrow. Still, it has been a fine first flight of my Proteus strategic cruiser, and I even get back through the wormhole and stargates in time to scout Fin home through w-space, getting our new Golem marauder back safely.

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