Going forwards

4th July 2014 – 5.43 pm

Back through dangerous w-space, to deadly w-space, and home. The deadliest w-space of all. Neat dramatic tension and everything, but nothing's actually happening. The wormholes connecting in to our home system are totally quiet, and I got bored scanning my way backwards through inactive systems. I've come home to go forwards through our static wormhole to the class 3 system.

My glorious leader has beat me to C3a. She sneaked on-line as I was stuck in empty systems and pressed ahead, so as I am following in her wake this should be easy. I jump through to our neighbouring system and update my directional scanner, seeing a tower but no ships, and check my notes. A static exit to null-sec lies amongst the two anomalies and three signatures, and the tower from my last visit shouldn't be in range, so the one I see is new.

Fin links a null-sec system and mentions seeing three interceptors when she jumped in but nothing now. Never mind, we rarely catch anything in null-sec anyway. I warp to the tower, which Fin directs me to, and loiter, hoping to spot a local come on-line, as I wait for the shared bookmark folder to update. I don't suppose I have much more to do, unless Fin finds more wormholes in null-sec. And if the bookmark folder ever does update.

Ah, Fin hasn't actually scanned this system, which means she hasn't resolved the null-sec exit, and didn't see the Stilettos in a different system. The null-sec system she linked is actually the name of the local corporation, which, now that she mentions it, doesn't match the pattern of null-sec system names. I find this out when I spot scanning probes on d-scan and Fin says that they do not belong to some unidentified pilot, but are hers.

I'm feeling sufficiently dumb that I let my glorious leader go ahead and start scanning without my help. I'd only get in the way. Fin resolves a wormhole that doesn't lead to null-sec, and even though the K162 from class 2 w-space is at the end of its life I think it's worth a poke. If I find some careless capsuleer I could maybe redeem my recent silliness. Or I could get isolated by a dying wormhole and Fin won't have to put up with me for the rest of the night. It's win-win.

D-scan is clear on the other side of the wormhole, in C2a. Launching probes and blanketing the system reveals four anomalies, three signatures, and two drones. No ships, no interest. But a call of 'Tengu, Venture in C3a' is interesting, so I recall my probes and return to that system. Fin notices the ships as she's warping to the static wormhole in the system, dropping out of d-scan range of them as she does. I warp to the tower to get eyes back on the strategic cruiser and mining frigate.

There is only the Venture at the tower when I get there, soon joined by a Buzzard covert operations boat. The Buzzard becomes a Viator transport, making me hope in vain that the 'look at' function is fixed, but that will only matter if the transport goes anywhere. The Venture drops to a Buzzard, another Buzzard appears piloted by a third capsuleer, and the Viator becomes an Orca industrial command ship. It's all go, at least for swapping boats.

One Buzzard warps away, but I don't see probes being launched. He comes back, perhaps from the customs office that is currently in reinforced mode, and will be for the next few hours. A bit of waiting has the same Buzzard leave the tower again, this time warping to the C2 K162, dropping from d-scan either from cloaking or leaving the system. If the cov-ops is checking out the wormholes maybe it will be worth planting an interdictor on ours. Then again, the Buzzard doesn't come back with any alacrity.

The other two capsuleers aren't anywhere near as keen as their colleague to do anything. I suspect they are waiting for their refinery to stop processing the ore they've dumped in to it, which has another thirty minutes remaining. Even then, they may just transfer the minerals to a different hangar and take the refinery off-line, and it's already late enough for me to not want to hang around to watch nothing. The Buzzard finally returns from C2a, but that just adds to the nothing that is already happening. Fin and I decide that we've had enough, particularly as the active Buzzard stops being active, and head home to get some rest.

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