Converting loot to ISK to fuel

19th July 2014 – 3.55 pm

My glorious leader comes on-line as I bring our Golem marauder home. I've pillaged and plundered my way through a handful of anomalies in our neighbouring class 3 w-space system, making a decent amount of profit already. What do we do now? 'Do you want to roll the wormhole to see what else pops up?'

We could collapse our static connection, I suppose, get a new neighbouring system. But the evening's pushing on and killing a wormhole takes time, and a fair bit of dead time at that. I don't fancy taking on more Sleepers either, having had my fill of them already. I think I'm happy hitting C3a's static exit to low-sec and seeing what we can find out there.

Back in to my covert Proteus strategic cruiser and to the neighbouring system once more. Oh, before I open the static wormhole I suppose I should locate the second tower that I missed seeing before bringing the Golem in to shoot Sleepers. That was some good, thorough scouting earlier. Still, no one was there, my combat probes showing me that much, and at least I noticed it at some point.

I locate the second tower for reference, note the corporation, and head to the static wormhole for the first time. Hey, that looks like Tash-Murkon on the other side. Low-sec Tash-Murkon, perhaps, but it could still be a good connection. After all, it is The Citadel of Amarrian space.

Exiting C3a indeed plants me in the Tash-Murkon region, in a system eight hops to Amarr, holding four besieged anomalies, two extra signatures, and one capsuleer in the system. Binary-tastic! I launch probes to scan, ignoring the besieged anomalies, and resolve wormhole and wormhole. Not bad, with a Forgey-looking high-sec K162, and a wormhole that's obviously outbound from its weak signature, which I leave unvisited for now. This high-sec wormhole could be good.

I jump from low-sec to high-sec without using a stargate, and appear not in The Forge but The Citadel. I really should know the difference by now. Still, The Citadel! It's the Tash-Murkon of Caldari space, and a mere four hops from Jita. W-space to low-sec to high-sec, all using wormholes, and getting us almost on top of the primary trade hub of New Eden. That's a result, one I can't ignore.

Do we want to sell loot and buy fuel? Yes we do, Penny. Yes we do. We split the tasks, what with buyers of Sleeper loot in Caldari space not being at Jita. I head home and grab all of the loot to shove in to the hold of my Proteus. It's all quite thin and small, easily fitting in my cargo with room to spare, and maybe a bit safer than in an industrial ship. Maybe. Now back through C3a, to low-sec, to high-sec, and four hops in a different direction.

I sell our loot, plumping up our wallet nicely for Fin to spend on fuel and fuel-making products. She's taken the Bustard transport directly to Jita, along with the salvage and booty from exploded ships, making us even more ISK. Not that our situation was a little trepidatious recently, but it looks like we've turned ourselves around nicely. We just needed that little motivation.

Fin's considering making a second run for more fuel supplies, which sounds like a good plan. Personally, I'm getting hungry for a sammich. I've been in space for a while and could use a break, which is a shame as it means I don't realise our high-sec connection almost sits on top of the dreadnought guns that I abandoned to get some fuel blown up in low-sec. I'll blame that on my low blood-sugar levels, which I head home to rectify.

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