Simple noodle around w-space

25th July 2014 – 5.52 pm

Just a quiet night noodling around will do for me, I think. I suppose it depends on what I'll find, but I won't force anything if circumstances don't look positive. It's also been a few days since I last left the home system, what with a fleet coming to us and then engaging Sleepers for a bit. Let's see if I can remember how to scan.

The previous day's bookmark sits underneath today's wormhole, so it has either remained closed for a while or has stubbornly refused to move. Mind you, as a bit of gas in the home system is joined by a second wormhole I think I can safely say our static connection is now open. The other wormhole is a K162 from class 2 w-space, and as it has opened in to us it has a better chance of holding activity than the system in the other direction. I jump through the K162 to C2a.

Nothing waits for me on the wormhole, and updating my directional scanner sees five towers and a single ship. Is the Venture mining frigate in or out? I open the system map and start poking the anomalies with a tight d-scan beam, moving on to the planets when I find no ship. The Venture is in, it seems, with it being coincident on d-scan with one of the towers.

The towers are straightforward to locate in the system. Despite there being so many of them, four more being brought in to range when looking for the Venture, albeit with no more ships, there are not many moons at all. I can note the tower locations without visiting most of them, which is handy, and warp directly to the Venture to find it piloted and quite inactive.

My notes for the system show that Aii and I were baited by a Myrmidon battlecruiser and subsequently ambushed on our last visit, both losing our strategic cruisers. I don't remember that, curiously. But, I suppose, I have lost so many Lokis. Nothing's happening in the system tonight, so I quickly poke the signatures. Quickly, because there are only six of them. Data, wormhole, data, relics, and the static exit to high-sec. Easy-peasy.

The high-sec exit leads to Sinq Laison, is five hops from Dodixie, and has three extra signatures. Thankfully, the wormhole is at the end of its life, so I don't feel any need to go to stinking Gallente space, and I return to C3a to reconnoitre the other wormhole. It's a K162 from class 2 w-space, and unfortunately also EOL. Fair enough, I suppose I'll head back the other way and look in to our neighbouring class 3 system.

The wormhole is clear, d-scan is clear, and just one planet sits out of range. I launch probes and perform a blanket scan as I warp to the far planet, which my notes suggest holds occupation. My probes show me seven anomalies, eight signatures, and no ships, and my overview shows me no tower. D-scan does, though, it's just not the one from my last visit. It's easy enough to find, conventionally anchored to a moon, so I settle down to scan again.

Wormhole, wormhole, gas, wormhole, wormhole, data, and data. That looks like a good result to me, and off I go to see what wormholes I've found. The static exit to low-sec is obv. That is, its identifier is OBV. There is also a K162 from class 2 w-space, an N968 outbound connection to more class 3 w-space—in fact, I think I'd best jump through that now, in case I've just opened it.

Messy class 3 w-space system

In to C3b, where d-scan shows me a tower and no ships, and the discovery scanner a messy system. I can't be bothered to sift through all of these signatures for potentially nothing, particularly with no change in the system since three months ago, so ignore it all and head back to the other wormholes in C3a. The last wormhole I warp to in C3a is, hullo, a V301 outbound connection to class 1 w-space.

I dunno why I'm so excited by the C1 link. I don't suppose the chance of finding activity is any higher, although maybe what activity there is could be easier to engage. But that's probably just a superficial assumption based on the class of w-space and has nothing to do with the type of capsuleer to be found there. Either way, I'm going in!

Decent bubble trap around a w-space tower

A tower, no ships. No notes either. It's a new system to explore, but that's about it. At least there are only three anomalies and five signatures, so I can make a note of the static exit without too much effort—once I squeeze my way out of a decent bubble trap around the tower. It goes to low-sec, and Kor-Azor in particular today. That's it for this system too, I suppose.

Two planets, one moon

Back to C3a and across to the C2 K162, for one last chance of finding ships. I jump through, update d-scan, and see the standard empty tower in the system. The two unsupported mining drones aren't fooling me, there's nothing happening. Of course there isn't, look at the system: two planets and one moon! It's a bedsit, making it no wonder the locals aren't home. I would bemoan the lack of activity, but I got what I wanted, which is a bit of noodling around w-space for an evening. It'll do.

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