Black hole to black hole

28th July 2014 – 5.42 pm

Heading back home, I take a diversion in to null-sec. I ignore the K162 from null-sec in the first class 5 black hole system, because if someone opened it and came through then they would have done the same to any other wormholes. The outbound wormhole to null-sec in the class 6 w-space system is more appealing to me, as it may lead to a system with wormholes as-yet unfound by wandering pilots.

The wormhole takes me to Insmother, where one pilot leaves the system shortly after I enter. Two other signatures beckon to me, and I launch probes and resolve a combat site and wormhole. It's an N432, which, after the two crappy, messy, black hole C5 systems so far, doesn't look like a great option. It's still an option, though, so I take my Proteus strategic cruiser through.

My directional scanner shows me nothing from the K162 in C5c, the discovery scanner pings loads of anomalies. There's no black hole, which is something, and I find occupation around a distant planet. There are no ships in the force field, so no one to stalk, but with only three signatures I think I can afford the time to see where the static wormhole takes me.

The two unknown signatures, the wormhole I came through already known, are a data site and weak wormhole, which turns out to be a connection to class 1 w-space. How lovely. I poke through, hoping to find a soft target, but see only a tower and a pair of salvage drones. They're not fooling me, even with no wrecks in the system. That just means they've done their job, good drones, it's the lack of ships that makes me suspect nothing is happening.

I locate the tower and sift through the signatures. It won't take long, as they are mostly chubby. Naturally, nearly all of the signatures resolve to be gas sites, and the only wormhole is a static exit to low-sec at the end of its life. That's this direction exhausted, so back I go. To C5c, out to null-sec, in to C6a, back to our neighbouring C3a, and through it's static wormhole to low-sec.

There were some additional signatures in this system in Kador, hence my return having found nothing of interest in the other direction, and there is even another pilot scanning who I'm hoping will venture in to potential data or relic sites. I need to scan them first, and hope he's not skittish about other pilots being in the system. Wormhole, skinny wormhole, data site, data site, combat site, and data site. That gives me decent options, and as I can't see another ship under my probes to suggest a data scavenger, I reconnoitre the wormholes.

The first wormhole is a connection to more low-sec empire space. The second is an outbound link to class 1 w-space. It's an easy choice to make, and I jump to C1b. It seems to be the night of the black hole. Two black hole systems behind me, and now this one too. Updating d-scan shows me a tower but still no ships, and the system is tidy enough that I launch probes to check the two anomalies and six signatures for further connections.

Two more wormholes. The O833 link to class 3 w-space is interesting, but less so given its EOL state, and although the static exit to high-sec could be convenient for someone it's not to me at this late hour. Maybe that scanner in low-sec has found a site to be vulnerable in by now. I head back to take a look.

The capsuleer remains in the system, easily visible in the local channel. I even see a Cheetah covert operations boat on d-scan, but pinging the data sites doesn't find him. He is skittish about other pilots in the system, as even a wider sweep no longer shows the Cheetah. He's cloaked. Good for him, but it means I'm not catching anyone tonight. I'll just head home.

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