Nothing and no one

3rd August 2014 – 3.52 pm

It's a new day in w-space. Technically, at least. In reality, there doesn't seem to be any change since yesterday, beyond the assumed churn of our static wormhole. No anomalous action with Sleepers to start the night, I simply scan the wormhole and, hah, the wormhole's even in the same place as yesterday. New day, my arse. Let's hope the neighbouring class 3 system is different. I jump through to find out.

Updating my directional scanner from our K162 in what is indeed a different C3a sees two towers and four ships in range. Wanting to determine the status of the Venture mining frigate, Flycatcher interdictor, Maller cruiser, and Ishkur assault frigate, I have to resort to manually sweeping d-scan around to look for the tower, as my Dbase is being a D. I'll sort it out in a minute. The Venture is at one tower, the other three ships at the second tower.

Reconnoitring the towers finds no pilots to go with the ships, letting me slow down a bit. Bloody discovery scanner and the false pressure it imposes on entering a new system. I can now check my notes, working out the new input method to go with the software update, and enter the details for today's visit. Now to scan. The four anomalies are all ore sites, and the four signatures are fat and quick to resolve. Wormhole, wormhole, wormhole. Lovely.

The static exit to low-sec looks like it leads to The Citadel, if only because I keep thinking those colours look The Forge; a T405 outbound connection to class 4 w-space could be nifty; and a K162 from null-sec could lead to more wormholes. I get the exits first, seeing two extra signatures in a system in null-sec Esoteria, and seeing that the low-sec exit in The Citadel is seven hops from Jita and has three extra signatures. Before I scan further, I'll check out that T405.

Not much to see or scan

C4a has a tower with no ships visible on d-scan, and only one planet in range. Warp, launch, blanket. There's not much to see. Two anomalies, four signatures, no ships. The tower is in my notes, as is the static wormhole type. It leads to class 3 w-space, which makes it nice and chunky, easy to scan. As random outbound wormholes are as good as non-existent in C4 space I'm only looking for the C247 and K162s, and K162s are chunky too. Normally, knowing that could save time. I suppose it does kinda here too, letting me ignore the skinny signature that would take several scans to identify, but dropping from three signatures to two isn't a big saving.

Gas and the static wormhole. Moving in to C3b, d-scan shows me nothing from the K162, and that all the signatures and the sole anomaly are all in range I doubt anything is happening. Still, there are seven signatures, which could hold further connections, so I launch probes to scan and warp away to explore. A tower from sixteen months ago is still here but with no one home, and scanning reveals plenty more wormholes to investigate.

A K162 from low-sec obviously comes in from Kor-Azor. There are K162s from class 3 w-space, class 2 w-space, and another from class 3 w-space. And the static exit to null-sec leads to Perrigen Falls, but who cares about that. There's also a data site, which is less interesting than the static wormhole. I'm all about the w-space. In to C2a, where a tower and lack of ships on d-scan has my performing a quick scout of the system without scanning, and returning to C3b when I find nothing.

From C3b to C3c, and a tower, no ships, and one drone on d-scan. You're not fooling me, drone. This is also boring, so back to C3b and across to C3d, where updating d-scan sees a tower and no ships. Why am I not surprised. At least the occupation here is new since five months ago, which is almost interesting, and the same notes point to a null-sec exit. Huh, they did for C3c too. And C3b had a null-sec exit. Three null-terminated w-space systems? I should take the hint. There's nothing and no one out here. I think I'll join them.

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