Low, low, low

1st September 2014 – 5.52 pm

It's still just me and gas. I can't quite manage to release it from my system. That makes our home system closed, though, but without any good anomalies popped up, I'm out of here just as soon as I find our static wormhole. I warp to yesterday's bookmark on a whim and, hey, it's moved today. Okay, I'll scan for the wormhole.

Ships! A Pilgrim recon ship, Onyx heavy interdictor, Legion strategic cruiser, Falcon recon ship, and Caracal cruiser are all in our neighbouring class 3 w-space system somewhere, and I'm guessing they're not shooting Sleepers. As there aren't any wrecks, I'm guessing they're not doing much of anything, particularly as they share a place on my directional scanner with a tower.

The tower is straightforward to find, being around the innermost planet, which only has a single moon, and I warp to it directly from our K162. Five ships, no pilots. Fine, no one's home. I warp away from the tower, launch probes, and perform a blanket scan of the system, revealing three anomalies and four signatures. That's not much, and it doesn't take long to identify the signatures as two wormholes and one data site.

C3a's static exit leads to low-sec, um, Derelik or Devoid, I can't tell which, the colours are pretty similar. I won't find out just yet either, not with a K162 from class 2 w-space looking far more inviting. I jump to C2a, update d-scan, and see nothing. Opening the system map shows me just one planet is in d-scan range, hopefully the cause of the blank result, and I launch probes and blanket the system.

Little to see in the class 2 w-space system

Hey, there's a ship under my probes, somewhere near that territorial control unit. I warp towards the TCU, hoping to find activity, but getting caught in a bubble outside of a tower that holds an empty Orca industrial command ship. Updating d-scan as I crossed the system spotted five more towers, obviously without ships, and with only two anomalies and four signatures I don't care to waste time finding empty towers. I'll just scan.

One gas site, one data site, two wormholes. The wormholes are both of this class 2 system's static connections. I used one to get here, from C3a, the other leads out to, huh, high-sec Molden Heath. I didn't realise there was such a place. The high-sec system holds one pilot, not orange, and one extra signature, not a wormhole. Back I go.

In to C2a, across to C3a, and out to, ah, Derelik (my balls). A couple of pilots are in the system, a couple of extra signatures have my launching probes. I ignore the combat site and warp to the wormhole, disappointed to see what turns out to be just a connection to low-sec Tash-Murkon. Whatever, it's a wormhole, I'm gonna use it.

I jump to a system in Tash-Murkon that looks decidedly uninteresting, made only slightly better by having four extra signatures. I launch probes to scan them. I don't bother with a blanket scan first, the silly discovery scanner showing me the approximate locations of the signatures, and the local channel making any and every pilot aware of my presence.

My probes guide me towards three combat sites that I don't care about, and one wormhole that, as it turns out, I also don't care about. I've resolved another wormhole connecting two low-sec systems, whoop-de-doo. I bet low-sec people are happy with these new connections, but they feel like duds to me. I poke through anyway, appearing in a faction warfare system in Black Rise full of filthy pirates, probably, and with three extra signatures.

I'll give space one last chance. Launching probes and scanning the signatures in the Black Rise system gives me a combat site, a wormhole, and some relics. This wormhole doesn't connect to more low-sec space, but it doesn't get much better by being an S199 connection to null-sec. I keep going, forgetting my 'one last chance' warning, and jump through to Syndicate.

No one else is in this null-sec system, which would be nice in my ratting Loki strategic cruiser, not so good in my scouting Proteus strategic cruiser. And my scouting really does end here. There's just one signature in the system, the wormhole I'm sitting on, and I'm not resorting to using stargates to find any more wormholes that lead nowhere interesting. I'm going home.

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