Vaguely reckless logistics

4th September 2014 – 5.38 pm

The gas is still here? What the hell, space, get your act together. There are three more signatures in the home system too, probably more gas to taunt me, letting me know that the gas will never leave. It will never leave! I'd best scan it to make sure, before deciding to go exploring as usual, because I'm never going to suck on gas and there are currently no good anomalies.

One new gas site is hardly a surprise, but a pair of K162 wormholes is pretty neat. One comes from class 3 w-space, which is not much of a change from heading through our static wormhole as I normally do, making the other from class 2 w-space more attractive. Maybe this C2 system actually connects to class 4 w-space daily, giving it the exit to high-sec I only found incidentally the other day.

I take my Proteus strategic cruiser to C2a and update my directional scanner, which shows me a tower and no ships. The wolf-rayet phenomenon I can see without checking d-scan. There's little else to see, though, the silly discovery scanner pinging one anomaly and three signatures to my ship without even asking me first. I feel violated.

Three signatures is all I am shown

The anomaly is an ore site and out of range, so on a whim I warp directly to the site. If there's activity outside of d-scan range I should find it, if not I can launch probes in a relatively unexpected location. Or I can warp to empty space. The ore site has apparently gone. Well, the ore has gone, the site remains on the discovery scanner. I dunno why.

I still don't launch probes, with or without a site that doesn't have massive rocks, as warping here has brought me in to range of another tower, this one with ships visible on d-scan. I suspect pilots, and start locating the tower to see which of the Orca industrial command ship, Epithal hauler, Magnate frigate, and pair of shuttles are active. The industrial ships, presumably.

Nope, not the industrial ships, the Magnate and shuttles. They are the ships with capsuleers, which would only be peculiar if the pilots were actually active. I imagine they've finished for the day, perhaps after the ore site did or didn't disappear. I'm not catching shuttles, anyway, so warp away to look for another tower that, now that I've checked them, my notes suggest could be in the system.

I find the third tower, excitingly with an empty second Orca inside its force field. I find some empty space in which I launch probes, and head back to the tower with the pilots. Well, it had pilots, now it doesn't. My blanket scan of the system with combat probes shows just three ships too, the two Orcas and the Epithal, confirming that the pilots have finished for the day. It's just me, so I scan.

Scanning two signatures doesn't take long, particularly when one is a fat gas site that is ignored, and I am soon jumping through a high-sec exit to, ooh, an old mission base of mine in The Citadel. We're only four hops to Jita too, which seems like an opportunity I should take. I take my Proteus back in to and across C2a to the home system, warp to our tower, and swap to a Bustard transport, which I fill with loot and plunder.

I hope no one's watching this. I've not really scouted beyond a single system, when two more connect directly to our home, and probably more beyond that. I'll probably be fine. I take half-a-billion ISK in loot back out of the tower and in to C2a, only just now realising that perhaps I should have taken a bit longer to avoid polarisation issues, and thankful to see C2a as devoid of activity as I left it a couple of minutes ago. I warp to the high-sec wormhole and exit w-space.

Undocking from Jita will throw you in to congested space

A stargate hop in one direction takes me to a reputably buyer of Sleeper loot, and backtracking and adding four more hops takes me to Jita, where I sell the salvage and plunder. We are space rich(er by a little bit than a minute ago)! I spend a chunk of the newly gained ISK to fill the capacious Bustard with tower fuel, not that we need it desperately, but because I really don't want to need it desperately, and head back home. High-sec is easy, C2a remains quiet, and no one waits for me on the wormhole in our home system. Getting to the tower lets me store the fuel in a hangar and gain a warm sense of being productive. Now, how about that other K162.

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