Finding a way home for Fin

14th September 2014 – 3.41 pm

I return after a little time away exploring what is new and currently relevant in the world of SF, and quasi-stalking Christopher Priest, to see the return of my glorious leader. Almost. Fin has got herself shut out of our home w-space system, and rather than waste time trying to find a route home the hard way has taken to spending copious amounts of ISK on a marauder to earn an order of magnitude less ISK clearing missions efficiently. Before Fin suffers too much from the space madness, I should work on getting her home.

The home system has a bunch of new anomalies spawned that I can do something with soon, plus three unidentified signatures. And a ship, according to my combat scanning probes. A visitor! The ship's signature looks quite chunky, giving me hopes of catching something significant, until I get within directional-scanner range of the ship. It's just an Ibis rookie frigate. I dunno what it's doing here, but Fin's already urging me to kill it. Okay, then.

I scan, roughly, because I don't care if I scare the rookie frigate away, and get a solid hit within three scans. I hide my probes—now that I've found it I don't want to lose it carelessly—and warp across to the Ibis. It's empty. Fair enough, and it will be emptier in a few seconds. I decloak, take care of the dread Ibis threat to our homesystem security, and get back to scanning. The signatures are just gas and our static wormhole, which I warp to and jump through.

Overpowering the unpiloted Ibis in my Proteus

Updating d-scan on our K162 in the neighbouring class 3 system shows me a tower but no ships, and I can see a black hole ominously puckering at me in the background of space. The system is small, and as the tower is not around the planet nearest to our K162 it's obvious I won't be able to get out of range of it, so I simply launch probes at the wormhole. Performing a blanket scan reveals seven anomalies and seven signatures, and my notes tell me the system holds a static exit to high-sec. That bodes well for getting Fin home.

Scanning gives me a couple of gas sites; a mid-strength wormhole that I take to be the static connection; a second wormhole; a third that is obviously a wormhole before I even identify it, given how high above the ecliptic plane its signature is; and a fourth wormhole. C3a is more connected than I expected. The dying T405 to class 4 w-space is mildly interesting but not worth using, a tiny K162 from class 5 w-space is clearly on the verge of collapse, a second T405 is also at the end of its life, which makes me wonder about the health of the exit to high-sec. Hey, it's fine. Fancy that.

The exit to high-sec also looks like it leads to The Citadel, which is confirmed by jumping through, landing me in a system a mere nine hops to Amarr, where Fin is, and six to Jita, where pilots can buy anything they want. Do I want to buy anything? Maybe, I can never remember, but Fin's happy at the convenience of the exit. 'Holy cow and sweet' is not really an expression I'm familiar with, but it sounds positive. 'On my way', she says, completing a good start to the evening.

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